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  • Touch Screen Selection Guide
    switch banks are software programmable, making changes is significantly less costly than modifying a control panel that contains mechanical switches and indicators. Using touch input an unskilled user can operate a complex computing device by interacting directly with the video display with relative
  • Capacitive Touch Sense Solutions
    A touch-sensitive switch is a switch that is implemented as a trace on a printed circuit board. The architecture of the trace creates a capacitive element on the board. Touching this trace with your finger creates a change in capacitance, which is detectable using a variety of techniques
  • - Circuits
    that there are no short circuits on the circuit you build. Make sure that your circuit is properly fused. Use earth leakage switch (30 mA leakage current) or safety isolation transformer when you test the circuit. Do not touch any part of the circuit when it operates. Using TRIAC as a switch or relay
  • Wired 8.09: Bright Switch
    shade of blue. The color is so vibrant - so intense - it shines like a floodlight. A moment later, the butterfly flaps its wings, changing their angle, and the radiance vanishes as if someone flipped a switch: The wings' true color is revealed as a dull, muddy brown. This strange transformation occurs
  • One-Touch-Down Circuit for Power Windows and Power Sunroofs: Application Overview
    The express open feature of power windows and power sunroofs is becoming common on nearly all passenger cars and trucks. The most common technique switch manufacturers employ is to latch a relay in the energized state with a secondary activation switch. Once the relay is latched, the express
  • Mechanical Switches
    , the actuating device and the contacts return to the original position. When a maintained-action switch is actuated, the contacts move to transfer the circuits to the second set of contacts. No change takes place until the operator actuates the switch a second time. Then the circuit moves to another set
  • Rigid-Flex Power Distribution Control Circuits Application
    A contract manufacturing company needed help improving the quality and supply chain reliability of rigid-flex circuits for a power distribution control circuit application. The product had been in production already, but had issues with circuit failure. The existing rigid-flex circuit design also
  • Conductivity Level Switches
    Conductivity switches are solid-state devices that detect the presence or absence of electrically conductive liquids. They do so by sending a small current through their probe tip. Current flowing between the sensor and some reference (often the metal tank holding the liquid) is compared inside

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