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  • Enerpac's ultimate lift gantries gantries curtail risk with cost-efficient technology
    Range. Enerpac technologies include hydraulic gantries, modular units, strand jacks, skidding systems, weighing systems, Jack ‘N Pack, self-erecting gantries and self-erecting tower lifts, and strand jack gantries. Enerpac is an international market leader in high-pressure hydraulics, with 28
  • Airborne Fire Trucks
    . Though Bambi Buckets are used most of the time on forest fires, there is increasing use of them to fight suburban and even downtown tower fires. Helicopter pilots can even fill their buckets from swimming pools, a great resource that can be close to the fire. A Bambi Bucket equipped with Powerfill
  • Green technology: Inside an advanced wind turbine
    of wind farms. For example, many of its components are light enough to be winched up its tower rather than be manhandled by a mobile crane. The meat and potatoes of a wind turbine are its rotor, gearbox, and generator. Liberty 's major drivetrain components illustrate some of the directions in which
  • Greek Gov. Agency Uses Unique Marine Data Buoy To Monitor Coastline (.pdf)
    . means that they can be handled by a 2-person deployment team without needing a crane and can easily. be transported using standard carriers. The sensor tower is made from stainless steel, reaching over 5 ft. (1.6m) high and weighing 110lbs (50 kg). It features an upper ring that holds the wind speed
  • Comparing Miniature DC Motors and Gearboxes
    decide their own rating system. Trying to compare published data from multiple manufacturers is akin to having a conversation in the Tower of Babel. Nobody speaks the same language!. To exacerbate this situation is the fact that today engineer routinely download PDF datasheets from the Internet
  • How induction heating saves time and money for the offshore industry
    of a patch onto a crane tower. 6. WHITE PAPER from EFD Induction. Platform-based. case story #1. Mobile heating equipment from EFD Induction was used to help repair a steel bulkhead on the ‘Safe. Concordia’ accommodation and support platform. The equipment—an EFD Induction mobile Minac 25/40—pre-heated