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  • Tribological characteristics of lithium disilicate glass substrates media
    The surface topography and surface roughness of the finished disks were characterized using an Atomic Force Microscopy(AFM) and a Tencor P-2 profilometer . three parameters: texturing Ra, center to peak(Rp), and the bearing-ratio( tp ) 50A below the...
  • Gap Conductance and Temperature Transients in Modified Pulse Design Experiments
    Several pairs of these specimens were ground to the desired thickness in a manner produc- ing a nondirectional finish and were designated as (interfacial surface morphology)-ISM-I, ISM-II, and ISM-1II. The Talysurf-4 profilometer measurements of the U02 specimens surface roughness gave center- line averages (CLAs) of... However, for most of the MPD surfaces, tp > 0 .
  • Numerical modeling and experimental investigation of laser-assisted machining of silicon nitride ceramics
    profilometer was calibrated using a standard reference specimen, then set to travel at a speed of 0... ...value, the diamond stylus (5- μm tip radius) was moved across each machined surface 20 times in... It can be seen that with high operating temperature, good surface finish can be obtained. ...Vc = 1.0 m/s, DOC = 0.2 mm, and Case (a): Pl = 300 W, tp = 15 s, .
  • Hard “skiving�? turning
    ...of 61 HRC by Sum itomo produced cutting tools from polycrystalline cBN the surface roughness Rz were... ...the present work was to study the regularities of the high performance high finish cutting using oblique... The surface roughness (Rz, Ra, Sm, tp ) was measured by a Mod. 170311 profilograph– profilometer (Kalibr plant, Russia) and a Talysurf 5 device (Rank Taylor Hobson, UK).
  • Experimental study on operating temperature in laser-assisted milling of silicon nitride ceramics
    ...Vc=1.0 m/s, DOC=0.2 mm; case a, Pl=300 W, tp =15 s; case... Surface roughness—Figure 19 provides the machined surfaces under these three cases. The surface roughness Ra was evaluated with a Suftest-402 surface profilometer (Mitutoyo Corporation). It can be seen that with high operating temperature good surface finish can be obtained.
  • ZASMHBA0001298
    ...interferometer or profilometer) will be performed should be ground and lapped to a finish better than 0... They should be placed between two stainless steel surface plates under at least an 8.8 kPa... ...and CVD, the deflection can be determined either by interference fringe or microstylus profilometer measurements on the... ...t~ysin2qois the macrostress in the coating parallel to its surface at an angle tp with the principal...
  • ZCP2001ITSC0671
    Arrows on the bronze images indicate surface cracking consistent with delamination wear or surface fatigue wear. For the tests involving the 4340 steel contact alloy, stylus profilometer was again used to measure the... 8-hr test Spray angle Tp % Ra, ftm 25 35 45 90 0.4 0.6... ...Thermal Spray Coatings on Landing Gear, Proc. of AESF Aerospace Plating and Metal Finishing Forum, March 2000...
  • The Effect of Journal Surface Finish on Journal Bearing Load Capacity - A Radiometric Method
    CHARACTERIZATION OF JOURNAL SURFACE FINISH AND GEOMETRY Surface texture measurements were performed using a Model 120L Form Talysurf profilometer manufactured by Rank Taylor Hobson. ...the conclusion of the study to determine the extent of changes in surface finish parameters due to... Figure 7 Surface finish parameters Htp ( Tp 1-20%), Htp (Tp 1-80%), and Htp (Tp 1...
  • ZJTST1502P263
    ...Cd Cg Cp dp h M Mr mp Nu R Re Pr Tg Tp t vg vp... cross-section area of nozzle, m2 throat area of nozzle, m2 surface area of the particle, m2... The substrate surfaces were finished in three different ways with the specific aim of investigating the effect... ...of the preparation routes were measured by stylus surface profilometry (Talysurf CLI 1000 Profilometer , Leicester, U.K...
  • Surface roughness evaluation via ultrasonic scanning
    where o is the angular frequency and tp is the pulse width of the Gaussian envelope. Using a flat surface reflector which has a surfacearea much larger than the focused beam size, the... This range of feed covers typical finishing and roughing operations of production machining processes such as milling... The same cutoff length and scanning distance were used in profiling as were with the surface profilometer .
    The roughness of the test surface is varied for four different levels by finishing the surface with different grade of emery papers of #120,#280, #600 and #7000. The roughness of the polished surface, as measured along one polishing line by profilometer , is given in... ...t:a L : $4 1 Q 0 EI : $$ 2 8 0 @ : Tp 6 0 0...