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Parts by Number for TQFP Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TQFP ASAP Semiconductor ROHM Not Provided AVAILABLE
TQFP ASAP Semiconductor ROHM Not Provided Not Provided
TQFP32 ASAP Semiconductor TQFP Not Provided Not Provided
TQFP-100-9 ASAP Semiconductor INFINEON Not Provided QFP
TQFP 64 DUMMY ASAP Semiconductor SIE Not Provided QFP-64

Conduct Research Top

  • Using the C30 Compiler to Interface SPI Serial EEPROMs with dsPIC33
    SDA1/RG3 SCK1/INT0/RF6 SDI1/RF7100 Pin TQFP SDO1/RF8 dsPIC33FJ256GP710 U1RX/RF2 1 8 VccCS PIC24FJ128GA010 U1TX/RF3 X 2 7SO HOLDX 4 54 5 25X SS DD F F WP 3 6 SCK V V R R / / RD1 RD1 7 8 / / 0 1 Vss 4 5 SI CN1 CN1 / X TRX/ S/CN2 S/CN2 2 T U2U CT R U1 U1 Note: CS, WP and HOLD pins should all have pull-up
  • Tray Packaging
    package (TQFP) components are often shipped in trays. To facilitate shipping and handling, trays are stacked and bound together in standard configurations. To provide rigidity, an empty cover tray is added to the top of the load. Typical stacking configurations consist of five full trays and one cover
  • Tape Reel Assembly
    unpack the reels and load them into industry-standard, pick-and-place board assembly equipment. Tape reel assemblies provide component isolation and are designed for surface mount packages such as quad flat package (QFP) and thin quad flat package (TQFP). Typically, carrier tape is made from
  • Using C30 Compiler and the SPI module to Interface EEPROMs with dsPIC33F and PIC24F
    TQFP. SDI1/RF7. SDO1/RF8. dsPIC33FJ256GP710. U1RX/RF2. CS. 1. 8. VCC. PIC24FJ128GA010. U1TX/RF3. SO. X. 2. X. 7. HOLD. 4 5. WP. 3. 25X. 6. SS. DD. 14 15 F. SCK. V V. RF. RD RD /R 8/. VSS. 4. 5. SI. 1. 20/ 21/ N17 N. N. CN. /C /C. /. C X. S/ S. TX. T T U2R U2. U1C U1R. 7/ 8/. IC IC. Note: CS, WP
  • Yet Another Clock Featuring the PIC16C924
    pixels. • Available in DIE form, 68-pin PLCC, and 64-pin. TQFP packages. FIGURE 1: SIMPLIFIED BLOCK DIAGRAM. VDD. PIC16C924. LCD Panel. Thermistor. piezo. CCP. 33 pF. AM. A/D. PM. PROG. Timer1. 16. 32 kHz. SU MO TU WE TH FR SA. LCD. 33 pF. PORTB. VDD. 3V Lithium. © 1997 Microchip Technology Inc