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    Collision Avoidance Systems - (22 companies)
    ...of a collision is imminent. Collision avoidance systems are used in aerospace, automotive, rail, and marine applications. Aircraft collision avoidance systems include traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS), portable collision avoidance systems... Learn More
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    Collision Avoidance Sensors - (26 companies)
    Collision avoidance sensors use various types of proximity sensors to detect the presence of an object or obstruction. Collision avoidance sensors provide analog proximity measurements for various collision occurring hazards. Collision avoidance... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Warning Lights - (285 companies)
    Warning lights provide a visual indication of a hazardous situation. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS) - (12 companies)
    Personal alert safety systems (PASS) are devices used by emergency responders to indicate distress or a need for assitance in extreme environments. These systems use features such as strobe lights, audible alarms, and radio communications to help... Learn More
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    Collision Sensors - (14 companies)
    Collision sensors are used to protect robots from colliding with other objects. Noncontact sensors are used to help robots avoid these collisions. Description. Robotic collision sensors are essentially end-effectors that protect robots from being... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Traffic Safety Equipment - (401 companies)
    Traffic safety equipment provides visible and physical barriers or high visibility guidance systems to help control traffic flow. Traffic Safety Equipment Information. Traffic safety equipment provides visible and physical barriers to help control... Learn More
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    Aviation Transponders - (27 companies)
    Aviation transponders are electronic devices that generate and transmit a signal in response to receiving a radio frequency interrogation for the purposes of identifying aircraft for air traffic control and collision avoidance functions, as well... Learn More
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    Pagers - (49 companies)
    Pagers Information. Pagers are electronic communications devices that are used to notify or alert a user about an event. They beep, vibrate, flash, display text, and use other alerts or methods of notification. Pagers and beepers are often used... Learn More
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    Navigation Lights - (26 companies)
    Navigation lights are colored illumination devices used on aircraft, watercraft, and spacecraft. They are used to alert other crafts or vessels of the signaling craft's position, status, and/or heading. Most aircraft and marine vessels are required... Learn More
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    Flight Displays - (34 companies)
    Flight displays are specialized user interfaces that present aircraft flight data - airspeed, altitude, heading, etc. - to a pilot. They may also provide pertinent information such as weather radar, navigation route, and collision avoidance data... Learn More

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...recording instruments. It also carries Skywatch TCAS (traffic alert and collision-avoidance system). The cockpit for SpaceShipOne should look very similar. Aircraft designer Burt Rutan and his team at ), recently unveiled plans to win the X-Prize by building the first privately financed spaceship...

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