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  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Independent Agencies / Commissions > Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission > Final Administrative Law Judges Decision...
    BTC contends that by February 13 and 14 there were no functioning utilities on site, but employees were provided with a wash station outside the trailer fitted with water and buckets for hand washing.
  • 241-Z-361 Sludge Characterization Sampling and Analysis Plan
    A personnel face and hand wash station will be established at the perimeter ofthe decontamination area. Personnel will change in the onsitejob trailer and shower in RPP facilities at Building 2704 Hv.
  • Tank 241-Z-361 vapor sampling and analysis plan
    A personnel face and hand wash station will be established at the perimeter of the decontamination area. Personnel will change in the onsite job trailer and shower in TWRS facilities at Building 2704 HV.
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  • Technology adoption and mitigation of invasive species damage and risk: application to zebra mussels
    Hand removal following visual inspec- tion can reduce aquatic plant material by 88% ± 5%; high-pressure wash was sim- ilarly effective (83% ± 4%), but low-pressure wash was considerably less effective (62% ± 3%) (Rothlisberger 2009). In practice, the effectiveness of boat wash stations will be greatly influenced by participation rates. … found that only 57% always ‘remove aquatic weeds attached to [their] boat or trailer ’ and only …
  • Design and Performance of a Hydro-Unloading System for Machine Harvested Processed Vegetables
    … Cucumbers The unloading system discussed herein is developed for an existing cucumber grading station located in Bridgeville … … analysis are tailored to this facility which is used to grade machine harvested and hand picked cucumbers. Product is currently unloaded with large hoses handled manually by several workers to wash cucumbers from transport trailers .
    … with substantial probability of workers clothing being contaminated, a small changing tent or trailer will be available … As soon as possible, after removal of personal protective gear, employees will wash their hands and face. … shower facilities are not available, employees will be provided with a portable hand and face wash station .
  • Using a Novel Spatial Tool to Inform Invasive Species Early Detection and Rapid Response Efforts
    … adding a small fee to boater registration (several western U.S. states apply such a fee, e.g., Idaho Invasive Species Council) that could be used to fund components of an ANS management program, e.g., vessel inspections or boat washing stations . Lake associations at source sites, rather than over-extended state agencies, could be responsible for keeping launch areas clear or assisting with hand removal from boats and trailers .
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