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  • Description: through the hump is forced into the magnetic fields. The hinged magnets are gasketed and clamped tightly to the hump housing for maximum product and dust containment during processing operations. They also swing open for easy removal of captured tramp metal. Ruggedly constructed from stainless steel

    • Magnetic Separator Component: Magnetic Trap

  • Supplier: Eriez

    Description: Ceramic plate magnet that projects a deep magnetic field into a conveyed material burden to remove large tramp metal. Typically suspended up to 6 inches (152 mm) over a belt conveyor or stainless steel vibratory feeder. Designed to be an economical, space-saving solution for the removal of large

    • Magnetic Separator Component: Plate Magnet
    • Permanent Magnet Materials: NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron)
    • Width: 17.25 inch
    • Thickness / Height: 6.38 inch

  • Description: machining and grinding operations. It also provides a high level of rejection of tramp oil contamination to facilitate skimming and removal of tramp oils from sumps and reservoirs. It does not contain any chlorinated compounds, making disposal of used fluid easier. Note: Soluble Oil does not contain

    • Function / Application: Grinding Fluid
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Petroleum / Mineral Oil, Water Soluble / Emulsion
    • Flash Point: 363 F

  • Description: Compact design requires minimum space for in-line installations Standard design for pressure rating to 150 psig and vacuum supports a wide range of applications Tramp metal discharge for removal of foreign material or hard-to-grind fractions Moves product through 360° screen to ensure

  • Description: and separated from the product. The metal must now be cleaned from the tubes on a regular basis to prevent buildup and subsequent wash-off back into the product flow. Self-Cleaning Housing IMI's Self-Cleaning Magnetic Drawer-In-Housing is ideal for hard to reach locations, removal of fine tramp metal

    • Equipment Type: Magnetic Separator
    • Screen Action / Cleaning Device: Static / Gravity
    • Process / Operation: Other
    • Application / Material Processed: Other

  • Description: Turbo T14-3P Separator Portable System for Coolant Recycling The Turbo T14-3P is a complete coolant purification system designed for high-solids metalworking and ceramic applications such as aerospace, medical, automotive and electronics. Operating sump-to-sump, the T14-3P separates tramp oils

    • Primary Function: Oil Filtering / Removal
    • Technology: Centrifuge
    • Removal Rate: 160 GPH

  • Supplier: DME Company

    Description: Tramp Metal Filter For all makes and models of injection molding machines. Screens out harmful material that may clog orifice of hot runner molds. 2” diameter filter disc has 135 holes for maximum removal of contaminants and minimum drop in pressure. Use in place of your regular nozzle. We

    • Configuration: In-line
    • Industry Use: Other
    • Filtration Product: Chemicals, Other
    • Filter Media Material: Metal / Porous Metal

  • Supplier: Eriez

    Description: The easy to clean rare earth grate in housing provides for the quick removal of accumulated tramp metal. Standard Features Two rows of staggered magnets 1-inch diameter magnet tubes on 2-inch centers Stainless steel tube scrapers Metal contaminant discharge chute All stainless steel construction

    • Equipment Type: Magnetic Separator
    • Process / Operation: Other
    • Application / Material Processed: Dry / Free Flowing Materials, Production

  • Description: Houghton’s Hocut® product line features a broad range of semi-synthetic and synthetic machining and grinding coolants. The Hocut product line features Hocut 769-D, a heavy-duty synthetic coolant that rejects tramp oils – the leading cause of smoking, misting and premature spoilage

    • Function / Application: Lubricant, Metal Cutting
    • Industry & Features: Specialty

  • Description: Houghton’s Metalina™ product line of synthetic fluids provides excellent cooling and filterability, and readily rejects tramp oils for easy removal and recycling. These products form clear solutions when mixed with water, which provides easier monitoring of tools and parts and a high

    • Function / Application: Coolant (Flood / Mist), Grinding Fluid, Lubricant
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Synthetic / Semi-synthetic
    • Industry & Features: Specialty

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