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    Flame Detectors - (184 companies)
    Flame detectors monitor and analyze incoming radiation at selected wavelengths. Flame detectors use optical sensors working at specific spectral ranges (usually narrowband) to record the incoming radiation at the selected wavelengths. Typically, 30...
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    Flame Photometers - (29 companies)
    Flame photometers provide high sample recognition through a simple and rather inexpensive process when compared with other excitation methods such as arcing and sparking. Additionally, unlike gas plasma detectors, they are not limited to only a few...
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  • GC Detectors-Image
    GC Detectors - (39 companies) plotted from the time of injection and a chromatogram is generated. Gas chromatography detectors use one of several technology types to identify solutes as they exit the column. Choices include flame ionization, atomic emission, electron capture...
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  • Heat Detectors-Image
    Heat Detectors - (114 companies)
    Global may be given to fire detection, signaling, and other electrical equipment. FM Approvals is one of a relatively small number of laboratories that certifies flame detectors, spark detectors, heat detectors, and fire extinguishing equipment...
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  • Smoke Detectors-Image
    Smoke Detectors - (282 companies)
    Smoke detectors are designed to sense the products of combustion. Common types include ionization chambers and photoelectric devices. Smoke detectors are designed to sense the products of combustion. They are designed for commercial, industrial...
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    Flame Arrestors - (55 companies)
    Flame arrestors are safety devices for handling combustible gases. They prevent gas from burning back into a device and exploding. Flame arrestors are used in: storage tank vents. fuel pipelines. gas storage cabinets. exhaust systems for internal...
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    HPLC Detectors - (51 companies)
    High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC) detectors pass a beam of light through a column effluent as the fluid passes through a low-volume flow cell. Variations in light intensity are recorded and a chromatograph is generated. HPLC detectors use...
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    Radiation Detectors - (206 companies)
    Radiation detectors are used for medical diagnoses, radioactive dating measurements, and measurements of background radiation, activity levels and radiation doses. Radiation detectors are devices used to detect, track, and identify ionized radiation...
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    Heat Resistant and Flame Retardant Coatings - (79 companies)
    Heat resistant and flame retardant coatings provide durability at high temperatures and/or flame protection around components. Heat resistant and flame retardant coatings inhibit, suppress, or delay the production of flames from potentially...
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    Liquid Leak Detectors - (246 companies)
    Liquid leak detectors sense when a liquid is leaking from a pipe, tank, or other receptacle. Liquid leak detectors sense when a liquid is leaking from a pipe, tank, or other receptacle. Leaks are often conceptualized as being small, round defects...
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