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  • What is an I-to-P transducer?

    A transducer is any device that converts a signal in one form of energy to another form of energy. The device is referred to as I-to-P (or I/P) because it converts an electrical "current" input signal to a "pressure" output. The symbol "I" is used to represent current because current was originally

  • EETimes.com | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers

    , in a move to strengthen its position in the transducer instrumentation and systems markets. Conexant to pay former CEO through June 2005 Amando Geday, former CEO of Conexant Systems Inc., has secured a rewarding termination to his employment contract, according to an 8-K form filed

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  • Re: What's This Component?

    Hi Mikerho, On searching I found this similar drawing, is a thermistor, and another drawing this time with the short horizontal line at the bottom-left, is a Varistor. It would make sense to combine these as a surge protection perhaps only accepting current from the electronics to the...

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  • GP:50 Introduces Model 120 gas pressure transducer

    Model 120 is a high-pressure, high-temperature transducer for oil and gas downhole tool monitoring requirements.

  • AT Power Supply Schematic

    Does anyone have a detailed schematic for an AT Power Supply? My intention is to intercept the DC output from the first stage,before it is converted to high frequency,and insert a separate DC Source,in effect,eliminating the need for AC input. Thanks in advance for all help on this.

  • New HBM Data Acquisition System Streams Data at up to 400 MB/s

    MARLBOROUGH, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--HBM, Inc. (www.hbm.com), a leading manufacturer of data acquisition systems, analysis and calibration software, strain gauges, transducers and sensors, introduces the new HBM GEN7tA transient recorder and data acquisition system.?The system can acquire and stream data up to 400 MB/s, making it one of the fastest systems available today. This makes it a good choice for applications, such as avionics testing that require hundreds of channels and high sample ra

  • The New "NanoEye" Measuring Cell: Revolutionizing Dilatometry

    The NETZSCH DIL402 Expedis Supreme In the new DIL Expedis series, NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing is introducing a completely new conceptual design for the displacement transducer principle in...

  • UltraHaptics Promises Airborne Tactile Interfaces

    Founded in 2013, Bristol-based startup Ultrahaptics relies on a compact array of ultrasound transducers to send inaudible sound waves through the air, using phase-shift techniques to precisely control the focus and intensity of the acoustic radiation pressure into something tangible.

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ISO – International Organization of Standards
Graphical symbols for diagrams

This collection provides symbols to be used in diagrams, technical drawings and other related applications. It includes graphical symbols for use in most technical fields, like installation diagrams and network maps for pipelines, ducts and electrical connections.   The use of these harmonized symbols will help create globally recognizable projects.Preview content. This set contains Graphic signs to download in EPS, AI, DWG format. You will get the raw file so you can: resize for printing...

Trafag Inc.
Pressure Transducer

The newly developed 8822 pressure transducer can be used in applications where no amplified signal is needed.   This may be either because the customer possesses proprietary electronic equipment or because the sensor signal is needed. Particularly well suited for: *Hydaulics. *Machinery. *Process Technology. *Test Benches. 0.1 to 0.5% accuracy. Output 1.7 to 2 mV/V

Adhesive CAD Symbol

Using the ASTM D7447-08 Standard Practice for Symbolizing Adhesive Applications and accompanying electronic symbol, engineers, architects, designers and others can more conveniently specify adhesives by graphically representing them on computer-aided design (CAD) drawings. The ASTM D7447-08 standard provides design, fabrication and other reference material to assist the designer/engineer in successfully adding a specific adhesive to a design. Developed exclusively for the design-engineering...