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  • NIR Calibration Transfer
    that must be estimated; this is achieved by restricting the F-matrix to a banded matrix. The transformation matrix F relates each adjusted absorbance to the raw absorbance at the same wavelength and to a few wavelengths beside it, in effect sliding a narrow window along the raw spectrum to pick out
  • Identification of the Modal Properties of an Elastic Structure From Measured Transfer Function Data
    orthogonality between two eigenvectors. As usual, the eigenvalues. can be expressed as roots of the determinant. where I is an (n x n) identity matrix, and. each value. can be found by solving the polynomial equation defined by (9). We define a transformation matrix as. where the n columns
  • The Grain Boundary Character Distribution of the Orthorhombic Phase in Intermetallic Ti2AlNb Alloys (.pdf)
    are lacking. This work describes the effects of processing, and in particular phase transformation during thermal treatments, on the orthorhombic (O) phase GBCD in Ti2AlNb intermetallics alloys as characterized through orientation imaging microscopy (OIM). OIM measurements enabled this to be performed
  • Gibbs Institute's first Thanksgiving Golden Turkey Award
    business and cultural transformation in the history of business. At this prestigious ceremony, our virtual panel picks on, er, excuse me, nominates those individuals, companies or entities that don't, won't or can't come to grips with the computer industry and its consequences because of their blindness
  • Fiber Orientation Visualization with Avizo Fire 3D analysis software
    to the correct size. From the two orientation. measures θ and ϕ finally the appropriate rotation information is determined. All of this information. compose the so called transformation matrix for each individual cylinder that finally will approximate. the accompanying fiber. The following image shows
  • Quenching and Tempering
    (iron carbide) phase in an iron ferrite matrix. Tempered martensite or tempered steel is the product of a conventional hardening process. The martensite transformation is a diffusionless reaction that proceeds rapidly (at the speed of sound) as a shear wave through the material. Careful control
  • Medical Device Link .
    nucleic acid diagnostic industry is the transformation of laboratory tests now performed by researchers into commercial diagnostics that can be used by nonspecialist technicians in doctors' offices, and even by consumers at home. This challenge looms especially large for developers of point-of-care
  • Carbide Design in Wear Resistant Powder Materials
    heat treatable as the excess chromium stabilises a ferritic matrix so that the austenite. to martensite transformation cannot be realised. Alloys of this type have been reported previously 6 7. These considerations set some boundaries to the composition. Compared with the D series alloys we want

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