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  • NIR Calibration Transfer
    that must be estimated; this is achieved by restricting the F-matrix to a banded matrix. The transformation matrix F relates each adjusted absorbance to the raw absorbance at the same wavelength and to a few wavelengths beside it, in effect sliding a narrow window along the raw spectrum to pick out
  • Quenching and Tempering
    (iron carbide) phase in an iron ferrite matrix. Tempered martensite or tempered steel is the product of a conventional hardening process. The martensite transformation is a diffusionless reaction that proceeds rapidly (at the speed of sound) as a shear wave through the material. Careful control
  • What is Frequency Domain Analysis?
    . The transformation from fringes to phases is accomplished with an algorithm such as the familiar fivebucket method.
  • Understanding Chemometrics for Pharmaceutical Analysis
    both before and after performing any transformation to ensure that the data form a coherent whole, and that no spectra or samples appear to be outliers. This is the point where we get to what might be considered the hard core of chemometrics: the algorithms that relate the measured spectral data