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  • Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes (TVS)-Image
    Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes (TVS) - (129 companies)
    ...capacitance, and operating temperature. Peak Pulse Power (PPP) is the maximum power that transient voltage suppressor diodes can suppress without failure. The size of the diode will be proportional to the peak pulse power that it is designed to handle... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Diode Arrays-Image
    Diode Arrays - (102 companies)
    Diode arrays are composed of multiple discrete (usually unconnected) diodes on a single silicon chip. Diode arrays are important semiconductor products because they save assembly time and improve reliability over individually packaged diodes... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Diodes-Image
    Diodes - (764 companies)
    ...signal rectifiers, oscillators and signal modulators / demodulators. How to Select Diodes. Image Credit: Newark / element14 | Digi-Key Corporation. A semiconductor diode is a non-linear device whose most outstanding feature is the fact that, basically... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Diode Lasers-Image
    Diode Lasers - (374 companies)
    Diode lasers use light-emitting diodes to produce stimulated emissions in the form of coherent light output. They are also known as laser diodes. How to Select Diode Lasers. Image credit: Digi-Key | Thorlabs | Newark/element14. Diode lasers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • PIN Diodes-Image
    PIN Diodes - (66 companies)
    PIN diodes are three-layer semiconductor diodes consisting of an intrinsic layer separating heavily doped P and N layers. The charge stored in the intrinsic layer in conjunction with other diode parameters determines the resistance of the diode... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    RF Diodes - (46 companies)
    ...temperature. Diode application. Categories. Typically, RF diodes are categorized as: Amplification diodes. Detector diodes. Mixer diodes. Damper diodes. Limiter diodes. Switching diodes. Microwave diodes. Modulation diodes. IC Package Types. RF diodes use many... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Schottky Diodes - (164 companies)
    Forward Voltage (Vf). The forward voltage (Vf) of the diode is the rated potential difference between the anode and cathode when the anode is positively charged and electrons are migrating through the barrier. Schottky diodes operate at lower voltages... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    High Voltage Diodes - (71 companies)
    ...of the most important high voltage diodes available. PN junction diodes are designed for general-purpose applications. A high voltage Zener diode is a special type of PN junction diode that is designed to operate in reverse bias (by applying a higher... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Tunnel Diodes - (20 companies)
    ...diodes: standard tunnel diodes and back tunnel diodes. With a back tunnel diode, the peak current is very small or totally suppressed. This causes the device to resemble a conventional PN junction diode. Back diodes have a very small reverse breakdown... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Zener Diodes - (140 companies)
    ...opposing zener diodes. Each individual diode can limit one side of a sinusoidal waveform to Zener voltage while keeping the other side near zero. When the two opposing Zener diodes are paired, the waveform is limited to Zener voltage on both polarities... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • HG4100 HG4516 HG4507 HG4078B |
    Hermetic TO-5 Diode coil transient suppresion .
  • The method of determining characteristics of elements for over-voltage protection of low-voltage systems
    99 [5] Julian Foster: Ereakover diodes for transient suppresion , Electronic Engineering, August 1987.
  • Vdc takes on Vac [system control voltage selection]
    Surge Suppresion With hard contacts, they are needed to suppress transient electromagnetic interference (EMI). In dc control sys- tems, diode suppressors are normally used or required.
  • Limiters datasheets and application notes, data sheet, circuit, pdf, cross reference, pinout, datasheet |
    • EMI Suppresions .. Highly stable voltage sources Current surge limiters Transient voltage protection Instantaneously reacting resetable. fuses Soft start-up... First line: HPND- PIN diode datasheet hydrofluoric acid thermocompression* Small Signal Diode Chips Hybrid Integrated Circuits Technical...
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
    ...SDOCT systems, 71 Sodium lauryl sulphate, 1116 software, 926, 927 Solid-State Laser, 302 femtosecond lasers, 304 mode locking, 305 mode-locking techniques, 305 resonator design, 306 superluminescent diodes , 302 transition-metal ions... ...Speckle Reduction, 411 Speckle suppresion image postprocessing technique, 143 ...28 Tooth, 1151–1155, 1157–1164 Topographic map, 17 Trachea, 1184, 1185, 1189, 1190, 1193 Transient absorption, 723 Transition...
  • Low Power RF Circuit Design in Standard CMOS Technology
    ...Symposium (June 2008) (Armstrong and French 1992) Armstrong, G.A., French, W.D.: Suppresion of Parasitic Bipolar... ...High Efficiency 13.56 MHz RFID Input Stage Voltage Multipliers Based On Ultra Low Power MOS Diodes . ...Hyong et al. 2002) Yi, J.-H., et al.: Analytical model for a transient floating body voltage...
  • Monte Carlo simulation of gain compression effects in GRINSCH quantum well laser structures
    Yamada and Y. Suematsu, “Analysis of gain suppresion in undoped injection lasers,�? J. Appl. Phys., vol. ...Y. Lam, J. P. Loehr, and J. Singh, “Comparison of steady-state and transient characteristics of lattice... ...M. P. Kesler and E. P. Ippen, “Subpicosecond gain dynamics in GaAlAs laser diodes ,�? Appl. fhys...
  • Fiber Optic Link For Space Communication Application
    ...operating point is determined by the bias level provided by a constant current source employing transient protection. The optical receiver utilizes an RCA avalanche photo diode (APD) model C309/IE, installed iato an SMA bulkhead... The suppresion of the resulting third order intermodulation (IM) products, i.e., (2f1 -f2) and (2f2 -f1...
  • Integrated optical ring-resonator gyro using a silica planar lightwave circuit
    ...phase variation of the backscattered light makes unwanted change in the detected current of the photo diode . Electrical gating hides the transient part of the phase and the intensity modulator. To achieve more good suppresion , it is necessary to let the b-PSK speed high.
  • A 100 ps gated x-ray spectrometer
    Careful selection and matching of avalanche transistors and diodes minimites the pulser jitter. NOVA operations provide a 7912 transient digitizer record of the gate pulse, the two PCDs, and a... ...range: 1-4 keV crystal type: U P ,2d=26 A internal materials low2/ background fluorescence suppresion .