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  • Selecting an ESD Suppressor (.pdf)
    in the chip foundry. Diode Arrays) and Polymeric Voltage. compare the circuit conditions to the ESD. and board manufacturing environments and. Variable Material technologies. Though. suppressor characteristics to find the best. reflect the built-in ESD protection of IC’s. these products have different
  • T.V.S. Diode/S.A.D. (Silicon Avalanche Diode) Application Notes (.pdf)
    The Transient Voltage Suppressor diode (T.V.S.) is specifically designed to protect electronic circuits against transients and over voltages. It is a silicon avalanche device available in both uni-directional or bi-directional configurations. With a uni-directional, the specified clamping
  • Transient Suppression Devices & Principles (.pdf)
    the. left for the interested reader to work out. characteristics of the impinging transient. If an error in the. source impedance or in the open-circuit voltage is made in. The example calculated in the simplified comparison. that assumption, the consequences for a linear suppressor. between protection
  • AC Line Voltage Transients and Their Suppression (.pdf)
    ; there is a trade off. t = Time. It is the function of the transient suppressor. between the size/cost of the suppressor and. t = Impulse duration of the transient. to, in one way or another, limit the maxi-. the amount of protection required. mum instantaneous voltage that can develop. It should be noted
  • Silicon SPDs: Commodity Diode Connections vs. Custom Design
    ) lower clamping voltages versus other technologies and 3) non-degrading performance in their lowlevel transient suppression function. However, not all silicon avalanche diode based SPDs are the same. SPD design and manufacturing standards can dramatically affect suppressor performance. Areas
  • Littelfuse Varistor Design Examples (.pdf)
    ), or. exceed 85˚C, the single pulse energy ratings. current to the suppressor, assuming the. 8.24A. From Figure 2, the peak suppressed. and the average power ratings must be. worst-case condition of zero load current. transient voltage is 310V with the. derated by the appropriate derating factors
  • The ABCs of Littelfuse Multilayer Suppressors (.pdf)
    at A. A Littelfuse Multilayer Suppressor is one of a family of. Applications. transient voltage suppression devices. They bear. similarity to Metal Oxide Varistors in that they are. As with MOVs, Littelfuse Multilayer Suppressors protect a. voltage dependent, nonlinear devices
  • Pro Electron: Component Designation System Tutorial
    ). Y. Diode. Rectifier, Booster, or efficiency diode. Z. Diode. Voltage reference or voltage regulator,. Transient suppressor diode. 3 SERIAL NUMBER. The remainder of the type number is a serial number , which lies in one of the following two groups: Devices intended primarily for use in consumer