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Engineering Reference Materials for Transistor Diagrams
  • Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL)

    Transistor-transistor logic (TTL) is a class of digital circuits built from bipolar junction transistors (BJT), diodes and resistors. It is notable, as it was the base for the first widespread semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) technology. All TTL circuits operate with a 5 V power supply. TTL

  • Bipolar Junction Transistors

    transistors come in a wide variety of physical packages. Package type is primarily dependent upon the power dissipation of the transistor, much like resistors: the greater the maximum power dissipation, the larger the device has to be to stay cool. There are several standardized package types

  • Operation and Modeling of the MOS Transistor

    Operation and Modeling of the MOS Transistor. Geared toward advanced electrical engineering students, this extensive text provides a unified treatment of the operation and modeling of the MOS transistor, the key element of most modern microelectronic chips.

  • Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor

    Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor. Written for senior and graduate students, this book presents the conceptual framework underlying the atomistic theory of matter, emphasizing aspects that relate to current flow, including advanced concepts of non-equilibrium quantum statistical mechanics.

  • Resource: Unijunction Transistor Tutorial

    The unijunction transistor(UJT) is a three terminal device with characteristics very different from the conventional 2 junction, bipolar transistor. It is a pulse generator with the trigger or control signal applied at the emitter .

  • High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT)

    High electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) are used in microwave circuit applications. These transistors behave much like conventional field effect transistors (FETs): a conducting channel between drain and source electrodes can be affected by applying a voltage to the gate electrode. This causes

Discussions about Transistor Diagrams
  • Re: Baldwin Model 4 Church Organ

    GA But, those circuit diagrams are full of transistors so, this may not be the manual for DCaD's organ.

  • Re: 555 timer to control motors

    Keep them coming, I love this sort of thing! This sounds like you have the motor connected to the timing inputs rather than the output of the 555. 1. How are you using the 2N3055 to drive the motor? 2. Can you post a diagram of the circuit you used? 3. Do you know how much cu...

  • Consistent Blown Fuses

    CONSISTENT BLOWN FUSES I am tasked to repair a PCB card for an old transducer box without the schematic diagram. Problem: The fast blow 1A fuse in the card keeps blowing off. After tracing part of the circuitry on the card, I deduced that it was a power supply card with two dc outputs,...

  • Re: how to check pcb

    Guest Like Del pointed out , it is indeed patience testing workout , it is ahuge task and to the best satisfying if you make it to work . you gota know circuit diagrams for transistors , mosfets , diodes and other components with there specs , have acircuit diagram at hand , make primary obes...

  • Re: Favourite constructional toys

    Out of the construction toys.... I reckon the early ones were Lego then Meccano, but my favourite was Philips Electronic Engineer kit with the then new transistors in it (OC71)... It had a bread board style and you fitted the template showing the circuit diagram to it using binding posts, so...

  • Re: DC control systems and polarity

    Its only a standard because engineers draw the circuit that way now... its not 'illegal' to draw a positive earthed circuit with the negative at the top of the drawing, in fact it makes perfect sense to do so. As I said when transistors first came out they were mostly PNP devices and so the p...

News about Transistor Diagrams
  • Researchers Try Out A New Thin-Film Material For Transistors

    Electronics: Black phosphorus may have the right mix of electronic properties for use in thin-film radio-frequency transistors

  • Software & Programing Cable of PILZ Make PLC, Model - PSS 3047 3

    Dear Experts I am having a Pilz make PLC in my machine, Model - PSS 3047 3, i need your help for downloading the Pilz Software & Its Programing cable (connector diagram) for communication (i can make/solder by my own after getting connector diagram) And the same for SIEMENS make PLC, Mod

  • Solubility Phase Diagram of the Ca(NO3)2-Mg(NO3)2?H2O System

    Journal of Chemical & Engineering DataDOI: 10.1021/je500629s

  • Study reveals missing boundary in PZT phase diagram

    (Phys.org) -Piezoelectric materials, which produce electricity in response to mechanical stress, account for a $12 billion global industry that is projected to grow at a rate of 13.2% per year, according to a recent report by Innovative Research and Products. And yet the origins of the widely applicable piezoelectric properties of one of the most common piezoelectric materials are not fully understood. This lack of understanding is due to the complex nature of the material''s underlying crystal structure, which is responsible for its physical properties.

  • Can Anyone Help On Electric Over-Head Crane Pendant Cable Wiring Diagram

    i ordered for a pendant control to replace a bad one and it came without the cable, just the control. i want to replace the old malfunctioning control with the newly arrived one but i just dont have an idea of the wiring, as the new control is a bit different from the old one. the new contro

Product Announcements for Transistor Diagrams
1-Source Electronic Components

1-Source Electronic Components stocks and distributes an extensive array of commercial-grade, industrial-grade, and mil-spec transistors. In addition, they maintain a vast worldwide network of transistor manufacturers and distributors, giving them instant access to any obsolete or hard-to-find items that they do not stock. 1-Source is a business-to-business distributor and sells only to manufacturers, distributors, government contractors, and other wholesale purchasers of transistors. Although...

American Microsemiconductor, Inc.
Transistors Available for RF Applications

American Microsemiconductor Inc. is featuring the 2SC1741A, a medium power transistor in a TO-92 package with excellent applications as a TV PIF amplifier, RF amplifier, and for use in FM tuners.   Typical values: VCEO: 50V,. IC: 500 mA,. Pc: 400 mW @ Ta=25 °C,. hFE: 82 ~ 390. Visit us online for one-click purchasing, including other RF transistors, diodes, high voltage rectifiers, and more.

American Microsemiconductor, Inc.
Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT)

Description of bipolar transistor. The transistor is primarily used as a current amplifier. When a small current signal is applied to the base terminal of a bipolar transistor, it is amplified in the collector circuit. This current amplification is referred to as hfe or beta and equals Ic/Ib. As with all semiconductors, breakdown voltage of a transistor is also a design limitation. There are breakdown voltages that must be taken into account for each combination of terminals of a transistor...