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  • Ground Isolation in Video Transmission
    . Figure 4. Balanced Transmission Circuits. winding which would then induce an equal voltage in. the upper winding. The net 60 Hz video loop voltage. BALANCED LINE. would then be zero. In practice, humbuckers provide. 40 to 50 dB isolation. Balanced lines are a favorite medium in signal. transmission
  • Measurement of Longitudinal Conversion Loss (LCL) in Balanced Systems
    For reasons of convenience and cost, balanced lines are much preferred in data transmission to single- ended wiring, such as coax cables. Depending on the degree of balance, minimal electromagnetic radiation of the transmitted signal and pick-up of interfering signals are achieved without complex
  • Using a PIC (R) Microcontroller for DMX512 Communication
    AN1076 (R) Using a PIC Microcontroller for DMX512 Communication place of auto-transformers, becoming quite popular, Author: Parthiv Pandya particularly the 0-10V analog consoles. Still, this Microchip Technology Inc. system had three major drawbacks: 1. It was prone to noise. 2. Dimming could
  • Ways to Measure the Force Acting on a Rotating Shaft
    systems, including clamp-on collar, strained-gauged shaft and in-line torque cell. Inline Wireless Torque Cells. Wireless torque cells consist of a rotary torque transformer connected in-line with standard industry flanges, coupled to the stationary portion of the assembly by wireless transmission
  • Application Guide for High Performance Brushless Servo Systems
    transmissions. is illustrated in Figure 1. Many laborious calculations are made in the typical sizing. GEARBOX OR BELT DRIVE TRANSMISSION. Motor velocity. Angular distance (rad). process . Calculations include reflected load inertias, RMS. Gear ratio = N. Load velocity. Angular velocity (rad/sec
  • Medical Device Link . ODU Snaps Up Medical Connectors Market
    , PO Box 1165, D-56401 Montabaur, Germany; phone: +49 2602 915130; fax: +49 2602 915179. Component blueprints on-line Designers, engineers, and other personnel working with power transmission and motion control devices for medical products will find an extensive catalogue of component-selection
  • An Overview of Electromagnetic and Lightning Induced Voltage Transients (.pdf)
    BY OVERHEAD. (220V). TRANSMISSION LINES. been taken to identify the nature of line overvoltages. While. SERVICE. LANDIS AND GYR. PLANT, ZUG, OUTLET IN LAB. recordings of transients have been made, one cannot state
  • Voltage-to-Frequency/Frequency-to-Voltage Converter
    of the telephone line, the TC9400 converts the frequency signal back into a voltage output linearly proportional to the. original input voltage. V. 9400. TC9400. IN. Telephone. Telephone. V. V/F. F/V. OUT. System Linearity 0.03%. ~. FIGURE 11: Analog signal transmission over telephone lines. © 2002

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