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  • Ground Isolation in Video Transmission
    . Figure 4. Balanced Transmission Circuits. winding which would then induce an equal voltage in. the upper winding. The net 60 Hz video loop voltage. BALANCED LINE. would then be zero. In practice, humbuckers provide. 40 to 50 dB isolation. Balanced lines are a favorite medium in signal. transmission
  • Flat Power Transmission Belting
    transmission belting is developed and designed with these specific application needs in mind where high stresses are placed on the belt carcass and the joined portion of the belt. 27 - Flat Power Transmission Belting. SEARCH NIBA. Home. About NIBA. Membership. Events. Training. Resources. Belt Line
  • Alltec Protection Pyramid
    , and power transmission lines can carry extreme voltage transients many miles. It is prudent that certain steps be taken to protect people, equipment, and buildings; the TerraEval™ Advanced Solution Assessment engineering service is specifically designed for this purpose. Alltec’s three-step Protection
  • High Speed Transmission Equipment (.pdf)
    1089-CORE. • ITU-T K.20/K.21. • UL 60950. rence Des. Most transmission equipment sold in the US must adhere to GR 1089. For Europe and. Refe. other regions, ITU-T K.20/K.21 is typically the recognized standard. ADSL Circuit Protection. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSLs) employ transmission
  • General Purpose ESD Protection (.pdf)
    the transient from the. lines toward the integrated circuits. signal line to AC ground. (IC). Most ICs are designed with. Since this technical brief is tailored. 2,000V of internal ESD protection. to general purpose transient protec-. However it is not uncommon to. tion we will discuss several examples
  • How to Avoid Gas Line Ruptures
    weakened by corrosion, leakage, pitting, dents or gouges. Gas Line Rupture Hazards and How to Avoid Them. Ruptured gas lines pose a major health threat to workers. Gas users and distributors must be aware of the dangers associated with compressed gases. The high pressure under which the gases
  • Flexible Sensor Signal Conditioning and Safe Transmission
    the iC-TW3, a differential, programmable signal conditioning setup with three channels, equipped with differential line drivers for closed 100 -120 O lines. A Universal Signal Conditioner. Figure 1 shows the differential signal path for the iC-TW3 universal signal conditioner. The device consists
  • Optimized Lightning Protection for Higher Frequencies (.pdf)
    . conductors, such as Cat5, are not able to. withstand the harsh electromagnetic environment. nearly as well. This article focuses. on 4- to 6-GHz class protection in a coaxial. transmission line for long term use and high. availability applications. Article 21 ag_06 reprint.indd K AUFFMAN

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