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  • More Than Just a Vacuum Cleaning System
    literally tens of thousands of dollars on shop vacuums that quickly find their way into the trash heap. Of course, the proper selection of an industrial vacuum cleaning system is based primarily on the application. In some cases small air and electric powered drum- style units will suffice, while others
  • With a great deal of infrastructure work on the horizon, many problems will
    . approximately 25 ft, typically an above-ground. self-priming or prime-assisted pump should be. The next generation MBR module from TORAY offers improved. performance with the lowest cleaning requirements!. Our submerged MBR module is equipped with flat-sheet. TORAY. micro-filtration membranes having
  • Linux Audio-Quality-HOWTO Version Version 0.0.9g by Paul M. Winkler, Sept. 12, 2000. You should always be able to find the latest version of this document at . INTRODUCTION THE LINUX AUDIO QUALITY HOWTO "Wait! I can
    Playback. Notes on Full Duplex Recording, and Other Realtime Issues. multiple soundcards. System Lockups. Dropouts. Latency. Audio CDs. Recording Audio CDs. Extracting and Playing CD Audio. Converting Soundfiles. Cleaning Up Soundfiles. Testing Your Soundcard. Shopping for Cheap Soundcards. Drivers
  • Which Pump Is Right for Me? Pushing Through a Host of Factors to Select the Right Pump
    heads over 500 feet. You won't find another type of pump that's better at pushing water that far uphill. Well suited for: quarries/mining, jetting wellpoints, jetting casings, pipe cleaning, pipe testing, water blasting, and marine construction. A hydraulic submersible pump being used on a bridge
  • New Technologies for Cotton Gins Combine for Big Savings
    and as a result, increases bale weight by 8 to 10 pounds. "It has movable partitions of louvers between each pair of grid bars to allow the cleaning point of the grid bar to be engaged or disengaged on the fly, based on the needs of the cotton, " Anthony says. It 's marketed by Continental Eagle
  • Bun Bakery Finds a Vacuum Worthy of its High-Tech Operation
    for a high-quality vacuum that could stand up to their cleaning challenges and not end up in the trash. Stegbauer immediately scheduled a visit to demonstrate several of Nilfisk’s food industry vacuum cleaners. After trying several of them out, Turano settled on the Nilfisk CFM 118, single-phase
  • Mold Maintenance Tips
    and attention were spent on the molds while they are in the presses running. Routine cleaning of parting lines serves several purposes. Keeping the parting lines clear of buildup or ‘trash’ can help prevent hobbing of the parting line. Hobbing is permanent deformation of the steel and it occurs when
  • The HK fibres
    . Filling liquor enters and discharges through this ball valve. An optional continuous self-cleaning trash screen lifts the trash from the pit into a container for periodic removal. Filling liquor level is maintained in the sump with overflow from the whitewater chest. Pressurising system including

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    Trash cans were emptied every two hours and elaborate suction systems kept the air free from dust.27 The entire complex, even the foundry, was spotlessly clean .
  • Development of a Sensor System for Outdoor Service Robot
    ...Japan 5 FAIS Robotics Research Institute, Fukuoka, Japan 6 Faculty of Computer Science and System Engineering, Kyushu Institute of... ...under development intended for cleaning up urban areas by means of collecting discarded trash such as plastic bottles, cans , plastic bags and so...
  • Design Dictionary
    The term “public design�? is most often used to describe discrete furnishings and signs such as park benches, lamps, crowd barriers, bollards, trash cans , concourses, street signs, and so on—products... weatherproof, wear-resistant, easy to clean , easily secured, uncomplicated to... However, the term also encompasses the design of larger spatial, navigational, and orientation systems intended for public...
  • A Segue to Bigger Ambitions: Programs break new ground across the globe [Pipelining: Attractive Programs for Women]
    To solve the water problem, DEKA has designed the vapor-compression dis- tiller, another trash can -sized machine that can accept contaminated water from any source and provide enough clean water for the typical needs of 100 people every day. Unlike many other water purification systems , the DEKA design does not focus on eliminat- ing a single...
  • Office waste cleanup: an application for service robots
    DAVIDhas to accomplish a variety of office tasks, such as collecting and delivering mail, print outs, and stationary supplies or cleaning up the offices by collecting garbage in trash cans . Theprimary goals in our work with DAVIDwere to achieve a reliable system , by providing a certain redun...
  • Tangibly Estate and Facility management
    ...• prevention in the input region • prevention of too many different floor coverings, the cleaning methods most different then... ...ways as possible of waste management • of Einplanung... ...the space, • providing of sufficient dirt catch systems in the input regions... of the input regions relevant • of Einplanung fall answering number of sockets in long floor...
  • Seasonal patterns in acidity of precipitation and their implications for forest stream ecosystems
    Precipitation samples are collected weekly from a polyethylene collector consisting of an uncovered funnel, tubing, and reservoir in summer and plastic trash cans in winter (Likens et al., 1967). The entire system is meticulously cleaned and re-installed each week.
    Trash cans must be emptied and never overflowing, and spills must be cleaned up immediately. ...measures are part of the Tren Urbano's performance objectives and work towards preventing disorder in the system .