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  • Synthesis of 5-amino-6-nitrozopyrimidine-2,4(1H ,3H )-dione
    6-Amino-5-nitrozouracils I are formed by nitroza- tion of 6-aminouracils (second stage of the Traube purine synthesis ) [1].
  • 2-(Benzylsulfanyl)-6-chloro-9-isopropylpurine, a Valuable Intermediate in the Synthesis of Diaminopurine Cyclin Dependent Kinase Inhibitors - Taddei - 2005 - E...
    The Traube purine synthesis was chosen to prepare the required 2-(benzylsulfanyl)hypoxanthine intermediate.
  • Principles of Biochemistry/Nucleic acid III: Sythesis of nucleotides
    The Traube purine synthesis (1900) is a classic reaction (named after Wilhelm Traube) between an amine-substituted pyrimidine and formic acid.[15] .
  • Heterocyclic Chemistry - Index
    Tin compounds, toxicity 67 Topoisomerase I 663 Tosyl azide, hazards and substitutes 105 Toxicity of heterocycles 622 Trace amounts of tin 67 Traceless link 98 Transmetallation 58 Traube synthesis of purines 531, 532 Trazodone 548, 659 Trialkyltin reagents, toxicity 67 1,2...
  • Heterocyclic Chemistry - Chapter 27 Purines: Reactions and Synthesis
    Traube Synthesis 8-Unsubstituted purines can be prepared simply by heating 4,5-diaminopyrimidines with formic acid,102 but formamide103 (or formamidine104) is better.
  • Purine
    While a variety of methods have been used for the synthesis of purine compounds, the Traube method, shown in the reaction below, may be singled out because of its general usefulness.
  • New synthetic approach to 8-allyltheophylline
    The attempt to prepare 8-allyltheophylline (i.e. 8-allyl-l,3-dimethyl-3,7-dihydro- 1H- purine -2,6-dione) (8) employing Traube 's synthesis from 5,6-diamino-l,3- dimethyluracil (1) via 6-amino-5-(3-butenoylamino)-l,3...
  • The purine path to chemotherapy
    Few chemists were interested in the synthesis of purines in those days and I relied mainly on... The transformation reactions were carried out mainly by the methods of Emil Fisher and the syntheses from pyrimidine intermediates by the methods of Traube .
  • Positive regulation in a eukaryote, a study of the ua Y gene of Aspergillus nidulans
    Synthesis of (8-1¢C) 2-mercapto-6,8-dioxy purine (2-thiouric acid). 0.58 g of 2-thio-6-oxy-4,5-diamino pyrimidine ( Traube I904) was mixed in...
  • Chemistry of the Spermatozoen. II
    In animal action on dextrose yon ammonia in sunlight arises namlich, how those authors (98) have shown... A-methyl-imidazole product fiir the synthesis of guanine and adenine, as well as also all iibrigen purine bases theoretically a very suitable starting material.
  • Rational Chemical Schemes for the Synthesis of Medicinal Preparations of the Purine Series (A Review)
    An important group of purine alkaloids is represented by caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline [3]. Magidson) in the Cen- ter for Drug Chemistry–All-Russia Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Moscow) performed a complex investigation and developed synthetic methods for the synt- hesis of these alkaloids from the available chemical raw ma- terials – cyanoacetic acid (I), methylurea... ...obtained at the beginning of the XXth century by the German chemist I. Traube , the specialists of...
  • Food chemistry
    ...meat flavor 623(T) -, milk product 540(T) -, lactic acid bacteria 540(T) -, synthesis 460 -, additive 460... ...T) -, milk 532, 533(T) -, whey 555, 556(A) -, fruit 869, 869(T) -, grape juice 945 -, loss... ...Myofibrilläres protein 586 -, peptide 601 -, Postmortal change 602, 603(A) -, protein 586(T) -, purine 603(T), Postmortal...
  • Biochemical and physiological attempts with plants
    A commercially important application of gibberellins relates to the cultivation that samenlosen Kultivare of dining grapes . Different synthetic growth regulators have themselves in its property as the growth retarders as antagonists of the gibberellin bio synthesis proved. The representative first discovered to it is the Kinetin (- Furfuryl amino purine , s. image 11.1) which...
  • Chemical Constitution and vital dyeing assets
    Mediating, the views Hoeber's and Traube's , naeh stand that for zwisehen of both hnsehauungen for dis of... So, ieh thought to find Riehtlinien for synthesis of chemotherapeutic acceptable substances. Yore Benzo pure purine had found the Trypanroth bet of Trypanosomeninfection Ehrlich Sehon previously effective ausgehend.
  • Medical microbiology and Infektiologie
    The metabolite is every substance that in the Stoffwechselprozessverarbeitetwirdoderanfällt; hierunterfallen and other all degradation and synthesis products. The equal also applies for the pyruvic acid occupying through degradation of sugar. a growth material offer that) comprises Amino- säurennochzahlreicheVerbindungenandererArt(prosthetische groups for enzymes, purines by the most.