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A company specializing in medium power klystrons and solid-state power amplifies looked to Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products for microwave absorbers to control EMI. Medium power klystrons are used in ground-based earth-to-satellite communications, amplifiers (KPA's) and troposcatter communication...

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The World Leader in Digital Troposcatter Systems
Fixed site or transportable troposcatter systems with 22 Mb/s or 4 E1 capacity over very long distances.

Comtech Systems, Inc.
Troposcatter Microwave Turnkey Systems

Tropospheric Scatter Communication "Troposcatter" Just as you see oncoming cars on a foggy night, Troposcatter uses the Troposphere.

Your Daily Briefing Of Satellite
Radyne, Raytheon and General Dynamics Troposcatter Modem Used in First Ku Band Link
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Your Daily Briefing Of Satellite
Comtech Wins Contract with Potential Value of up to $28.3-M to Retrofit 184 U.S. Gov?t AN/TRC-170 Troposcatter Terminals
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A detailed simulation study for troposcatter channel
Informatics (INDIN) Item Title: A detailed simulation study for troposcatter channel Publisher Name: IEEE Meeting Location: Daejeon, South Korea Item

The application of MIMO-OFDM system in troposcatter...
The application of MIMO-OFDM system in troposcatter communication

Raytheon Company: High-Capacity Beyond-Line-of-Sight (HC-BLOS)...
Raytheon?s HC-BLOS family of products provides automated troposcatter operation in tropo C and tropo Ku-band, as well as SATCOM operation in C, X, Ku
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Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Receives $5.0 Million Order...
valued at approximately $5.0 million for its Modular Transportable Troposcatter System (MTTS) from a prime U.S. defense contractor in support of the
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