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    HVAC Chillers - (190 companies)
    Description. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) chillers are refrigeration systems that provide cooling for industrial and commercial applications. They use water, oils or other fluids as refrigerants. HVAC chillers include...
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    Air Conditioners - (642 companies)
    Air conditioners and building air conditioners are used in industrial, process computing, networking, and other spaces where thermal management is important. Space and spot cooling equipment are used wherever total heat must be controlled or where...
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    Air Cylinders - (663 companies)
    Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators that are driven by a pressure differential in the cylinder's chambers. They may be single-acting (with a spring return) or double-acting. Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators driven by pressure...
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    Air Handlers - (335 companies)
    ...conditioning system. An air-handler unit includes various dampers, an air filter, heating and cooling coils, and a fan. Dampers control the flow of outside air, return air, and mixed air. The air filter removes dust particles from the air, heating and cooling coils...
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    Air Compressors - (1201 companies)
    Air compressors are machines that compress air to higher than atmospheric pressures for delivery to pneumatic or robotic tools, industrial equipment, or direct-use applications. Air compressors are machines that compress and direct air...
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    Air Valves - (808 companies)
    Air valves allow metered fluid flow in one or both directions. They are used in pneumatic circuits to regulate the rate of activation or exhaust of cylinders and other pneumatic devices. Air valves allow metered flow of fluid in one or both...
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    Air Cleaners - (285 companies)
    Air cleaners re-circulate, filter and purify air for process and environmental applications. Air Cleaners Information. Air cleaners or purifiers can be portable, table-top devices used in individual rooms or larger systems that require installation...
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    Air Flow Sensors - (268 companies)
    Air velocity flow sensors measure air velocity or volume flow using insertion probes or capture hoods. Air Flow Sensors Information. Air flow sensors are inserted into a duct or pipe through an access hole to measure air velocity. In other instances...
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    Air Bearings - (37 companies)
    Air bearings use a thin film of pressurized air to support a load. They do not generate friction. Air Bearings Information. Air bearings use a thin film of pressurized air to support a load. This type of bearing is called a "fluid film" bearing...
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    Air Motors - (158 companies)
    Air Motors Information. Air motors are powered by compressed air. They operate at relatively high speeds in industrial and spark-prohibited applications. They can be regulated easily for speed and torque, and can stop and reverse very quickly...
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    … speed at simulation time tsim depends on previous values of compressor speeds at times t tsi ,. A given compressor speed … … along with current outdoor air temperature OAT, adjacent zone … The power consumption and cooling rate of the chiller are non-linear functions of OAT, EVT, and ω (with fan speed fopt determined by these three variables).
    This heat extraction system provides the cooling capacity required to extract the heat produced by the various … … and return coolant line, as well as a signal line to communicate the chiller status to the … Air Sampling Station – The air sampling station is mounted in the CAM/Wipe Module and is comprised … … to the filter cassette receiver passes to an In-Line HEPA Filter, the TSI Flow Meter, a …
  • An experimental investigation of an air cooling scheme for the multichip modules of the multiplicity and vertex detector
    An aidwater heat exchanger comprised of three Car Quest Transmission Oil Coolers connected to two water chillers (VWR Scientific 1174 and a Neslab Endocal) was used to precool the air supply and remove the MCM waste heat from the system. used to connect the cooling system components to the MVD. A TSI 8340 hot-wire air velocity meter .
  • Thermal characterization and simulation study of 2.5D packages with multi-chip module on through silicon interposer
    Fig.2 The molded and bare die TSI package in 26x26 For the Theta JB and liquid cooling loop is esta micropump (Monarch pump together with the piping and sections are shown in Fig. 6, res For Theta JA test, the test cubic chamber conforming w After placing in still air for 1 … the Keithley sourcemeter d Theta JC characterization, a ablished which includes the ), Huber chiller (K6S-NR), d …
  • Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
    There is no water-cooled chiller located in the building since the chilled water is from the district cooling system which uses the ice thermal energy storage as coolth source. … after flowing through the plate heat exchanger and is distributed to all the air handling units (AHUs … A portable indoor air quality meter IAQ-CALC(Model 8760/8762, TSI ) is used to measured the data of …
  • Thermal Characterization of Both Bare Die and Overmolded 2.5-D Packages on Through Silicon Interposers
    The package is placed in still air for 10–15 min without power input and then the diode … Probe station test of the TSI package electrical resistance. For the Theta JB and Theta JC characterization, a liquid cooling loop is established, which includes the micropump (Monarch pump), heat exchanger (Lytron LL510), temperature-controlled chiller (Huber K6S-NR), together with the piping and fittings.
  • Assessment of airflow patterns inside six industrial beef carcass chillers
    In continuous chillers , the beef carcass convey- ors were used to support and move the multidi- rectional hot-®lm type anemometers used (model 8465, TSI , St Paul, Minnesota USA), because of their slow and fairly constant velocity. Air ¯ow in beef carcass chillers P.-S. Mirade & L. Picgirard464 The air condi- tioning system comprised two cooling batteries and four fans distributed throughout the length of …
  • 2008 Summer Research Institute Interfacial and Condensed Phase Chemical Physics Annual Report
    A chiller cools the burner by pumping cold water through an annulus near the burner’s surface. … by an online SMPS (scanning mobility particle sizer) system, which consists of a TSI 3080 electrostatic classifier … … allowing sampling conditions to be altered (e.g., sampling with dry or humidified air ) and soot processing …
  • Direct-contact condensers for open-cycle OTEC applications: Model validation with fresh water experiments for structured packings
    Atmospheric air at a selected airflow rate was introduced into the test cell as noncondensable gas. adjusted the boiler and chiller controls to operate the condenser at a steady- state cold-water For other series, the injected noncondensable gases, cooling water flow rate, or the heat rate may be … Tsi .
  • Laboratory investigation of Martian water ice cloud formation using dust aerosol simulants
    The ice layer is formed after the filter paper is wetted and cooled to 253K. The wet system consists of an atomizer ( TSI , 3076) where deionized water (18.2 MΩ) was used. … the aerosol particles are generated with the help of a stirrer‐bar and compressed air flow (≈ 10 … The chiller and the thermocouple readings were validated with a certified toluene thermometer (following the National Institute …

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