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    Buoys and Floats - (66 companies)
    Buoys and floats were made traditionally from iron, but are now available in plastic materials such as polyethylene. Products that can be fitted with marine lanterns may carry specifications such as lantern focal height. Buoy shape, size, height... Learn More
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    Oceanographic Instruments - (30 companies)
    ...period of time. Waverider buoys are specialized oceanographic instruments that measure the movement of the water 's surface to determine characteristics like wave height and period. Tsunami buoys can detect sudden changes in the ocean 's water... Learn More
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    Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) - (22 companies)
    Personal flotation devices (PFD) are wearable or throwable floatation devices used to keep a person afloat in water. They are used on all recreational, commercial and military watercraft as well as on aircraft and by workers who are working around or above water. Learn More
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    Marine Coatings - (78 companies)
    Marine coatings are waterproof, protective layers that are applied to surfaces exposed to or immersed in fresh, brackish, and/or salt water. They are used with boats, ships, ferries and other watercraft, as well as with marine structures such as offshore oil rigs. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Marine Lanterns - (14 companies)
    ...on small buoys, in marinas, rivers, harbors,. and aquaculture installations, to mark dredging operations, and for a host of other applications where hazard. lighting is required. Resources. Carmanah - Solar LED Marine Lanterns... Learn More

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NDBC - Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis...
Obs Search Ship Obs Report Gliders APEX TAO DODS HF Radar OSMC Dial-A-Buoy RSS Feeds Obs Web Widget Email Access Station Status NDBC Maintenance NDBC

FY2007 - Annual Report: The Ocean Observing System for Climate...
Program Plan for Building a Sustained Ocean Observing System for Climate

Tsunami Detection System
System components; (Top) Tsunami seabed sensor, Surface Interface Unit and surface buoy transceiver
See Sonardyne, Inc. Information

CDIP documents index proc
Tsunami Events Instrumentation &nbsp Underwater Sensors System Organization &nbsp Hardware &nbsp

CDIP documents index 172 gauge
Tsunami Events Instrumentation &nbsp Underwater Sensors System Organization &nbsp Hardware &nbsp

Meteorological Buoy System - Embedded Technologies
Development of a Low-Cost and Locally-Designed Meteorological Buoy

SAIC: Products: Alphabetical List of SAIC Products
COBIA Buoy? (Ocean & Marine Systems) Combat Vehicle System (CVS) SAIC Tsunami Buoy Systems (STB) (Ocean & Marine Systems)
See SAIC, Inc. Information

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