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  • Mercury Serial Interface Encoders: Understanding and Using the Binary Serial Interface (.pdf)
    be defined electrically in terms of 1 being. “on” or 0 being “off”. In the case of TTL (transistor-transistor logic), “on” = +5 Volts and “off” = 0 Volts. That being said, how do we count in binary? Each digit in a decimal number represents a power of. 10. As an example, the number 247 can
  • Agilent: Five Hints for Debugging Microcontroller-Based Designs
    , a quadrature. 0 V. encoder provides TTL level outputs. that relate to motor speed and. 5 V. direction. Motor speed is determined. CHB. 0 V. by the rate at which encoder pulses. are generated and is based on a. variety of factors. These factors. include the counts-per-revolution. Forward. Direction
  • Brush-DC Servomotor Implementation using PIC17C756A
    quadrature outputs from the rotary. tion of the output devices. Each side of the bridge may. encoder are connected to D flip-flops U6A and U6B. be driven independently and the inputs are TTL com-. These D flip-flops decode the quadrature pulse train. patible. An enable input and automatic thermal shut