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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TUBE Global Industrial Salmax, Llc Vapamore Not Provided Extension Tube (Each) For Mr-100 Steam Cleaner
COX16930 Global Industrial Clorox Not Provided Clorox ® Cox16930 Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, 30oz Smart Tube Spray
COX01126 Global Industrial Clorox Not Provided Tilex ® Cox01126 Bathroom Cleaner, 16oz Smart Tube Spray
59 Global Industrial Critzas Industries Inc. Not Provided Goop ® Hand Cleaner Cr à ¨me - 10-1/2 Oz. Tube (12)
57 Global Industrial Critzas Industries Inc. Not Provided Goop ® Hand Cleaner Cr à ¨me - 10-1/2 Oz. Tube (36)
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  • Lapping Gets Cleaner
    . These are the reasons why. Variable Polarity is essential for the best welds. flathoning is taking center stage as the. of aluminum. It’s also ideal for difficult-to-weld super-alloys as used in jet. most effective way to perform. aircraft (like Lockheed Martin’s F/A-22 above), automotive, pipe, tube
  • ARMEX (R) Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems and the Fire-Tube Boiler: a Tale of American Ingenuity
    ) Maintenance Formula XL was blasted dry at 80psi. The corkscrew tip caused the media to swirl, uniformly cleaning the interior of the tubes. A vacuum cleaner was positioned at the opposite end of the tube to collect the spent media, and water used to rinse the tubes was simply washed down the drain
  • Medical Device Link . Achieving Precision Tube Extrusion for Medical Applications
    cleaner, wire preheater, or wire straightener. EXTRUDER DESIGN In order for a manufacturer to offer precision medical tube products, the various parts of the extrusion process need to be operated under optimized and integrated conditions. The layout of a typical medical tube extrusion line is shown
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Glass Factory
    -long ABR-Flex hoses; and various hose attachments, including a crevice tool, floor brush, squeegee, and 48-inch-long suction tube. To operate the vacuum, an operator first connects the 3-inch-diameter 25-foot hose and the 6-foot hose to the intercept drum. The operator then connects the free end
  • LAKOS CSX Fry-Safe System Provides Cleaner Cooking Oil, Improves Maintenance and Controls Free Fatty Acids (.pdf)
    Backer's Chips plant in Fulton, Missouri has two large fry lines to cook potato chips. One fryer has a shell and tube heat exchanger that had clogging problems with the build-up of solids in the tubes. This would stop the flow of oil through the tubes and melt the tubes. Oil would then spray out
  • Pressure Transmitter Usage in Wellhead Upstream Oil & Gas Extraction
    Most gas wells experience loading from the accumulation of liquids in the well bore and an associated decrease in production as the volume of liquids increase. Wellhead blowdown is a method that has been developed to clear liquid buildup in the production tube of gas wells in order to increase
  • Medical Device Link .
    EQUIPMENT NEWS: Extrusion and Tube Processing New devices offer improved efficiency and operator comfort Tube fabrication and processing are essential parts of the medical manufacturing industry. Recent developments in these technologies enable manufacturers to extrude tubing more efficiently
  • Chemical Switch Cuts Costs, Improves Safety (.pdf)
    it. Instead, a. Phoenix, AZ. 85007. worker moves a tote into place and. Phone: (602) 253-4175. inserts a pickup tube from a meter-. FAX: (602) 254-0428. ing pump. “With the sodium sulfide. E-Mail: chemistry, we had to fill the tank with. water and use a mixer motor to dis

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