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  • Ineffective Cleaning in Generic Baghouses (.pdf)
    In a typical "generic" baghouse application, the cleaning is accomplished by back-flushing the filter with compressed air that travels through an orifice hole in a purge tube (blow pipe) and through a venturi. A typical generic cleaning system allows dust to be filtered at an air-to-cloth ratio
  • ARMEX (R) Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems and the Fire-Tube Boiler: a Tale of American Ingenuity
    "It just can't be done." For some people that's the end of the story. But for Greg Martin of G.W. Martin, Inc., a Certified Contractor for ARMEX Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems in Rochester, NY, those words set off a flurry of creativity that's not stilled until the impossible is accomplished
  • ARMEX (R) Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems Can Take the Heat at DOW
    difficult cleaning problem when it clogs the tubes of heat exchangers. Heat exchangers are bundles of hollow metal tubes roughly 6 feet long, with the diameter of each tube bundle being about 30 inches. They are covered with literally hundreds of small slit vents. Each time they required cleaning
  • Laboratory Glassware: Cleaning, Selecting and Disposing
    Glassware items are used throughout the laboratory industry. Pipettes, burettes, cylinders, flasks, beakers, test tubes and thermometers are just a few laboratory items which may be made out of glass. When mishandled, these items can result in workplace injuries. When substitution of non-glass
  • Seamless Tube (R) Case History (.pdf)
    installed all filter bags, conducted pre-start up operations and assisted in establishing the cleaning cycles. FOLLOW-UP DATA: 1. This baghouse tested at 0.0008 gr/DSCF initially. 2. Five (5) years after start up, the baghouse re-tested at 0.0013 gr/DSCF. 3. Six (6) years after commissioning
  • Measuring Tube Construction Affects the Long-Term Stability of Magmeters (.pdf)
    significant temperature and pressure excursions during cleaning.
  • Medical Device Link .
    are responsible for characteristics such as mechanical strength. A suitable coating will enhance the interaction of the device with its surroundings. For example, it will provide drug-elusion (stents), anti-fouling and antibacterial properties, and a hydrophobic self-cleaning surface, referred to as lotus
  • MICRO: Brave New Materials
    and a pressure of ~75 psia. This mixture of gas and liquid then flows through a vacuum-jacketed line into the cleaning system's single-wafer chamber. The aerosol is formed when the mixture is dispensed from several small holes in the wall of a tube extending across the wafer

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