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  • Venturi Vacuum Generators-Image
    Venturi Vacuum Generators - (76 companies)
    Venturi vacuum generators use the flow of motive fluid such as air, steam, or liquid to evacuate air. How to Select Venturi Vacuum Generators. Image Credit: Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. | Techno, Inc. | Gast Group. Venturi vacuum generators... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Test Tubes - (90 companies)
    ...plastic tubes, but often more expensive. Fused silica is suitable for applications that require good, long-term thermal stability. Borosilicate glass can withstand thermal shock and chemical attack, making it a common test tube material for chemistry... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tube Fittings-Image
    Tube Fittings - (1200 companies)
    The difference between tubes and pipes is in how they are specified. Generally, tubes and their fittings are defined with exact rather than nominal dimensions. In other words, a tube's outer diameter will often measure exactly 1.5 inches if rated... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Vacuum Tubes - (24 companies) insulted, heat-resistant, tubular envelopes that surround a vacuum containing electrodes. When electrical contacts are placed on the ends of the vacuum tube, the current is directed to flow through the vacuum via an airtight seal. Most vacuum tubes, leads... Learn More
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    NMR Tubes - (7 companies)
    NMR Tubes hold samples in NMR spectrometers. They are thin glass walled tubes, uniformly thick and balanced for smooth spinning. NMR Tubes Information. Image Credit: Goss Scientific. An NMR tube is a thin glass walled tube used to contain samples... Learn More
  • Cores and Tubes - (44 companies)
    Typically, both types of plastic products are extruded. When selecting plastic cores and tubes, there are several parameters to consider. These include tube shape, wall thickness, and cap-and-plug options. Most plastic tubes and plastic cores... Learn More
  • Microwave Tubes - (13 companies)
    Microwave tubes are lamps that produce microwaves. Microwave tubes are electron guns for generating linear beam tubes. A microwave tube generates and amplifies higher frequencies in the microwave range of frequency spectrum. When a microwave tube... Learn More
  • Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) - (52 companies)
    Gas discharge tubes (GDT) or gas tube arrestors (GTA) provide protection against voltage and current surges in electronic and electrical equipment. They include spark gaps, simple devices with two or three conducting electrodes separated by a gap... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Photomultiplier Tubes - (32 companies)
    ...of photomultiplier tubes. These include spectral response range, sensitivity, rise time, applied voltage, and gain. The spectral response range of incident light the photomultiplier tube detects, also called wavelength range. Sensitivity is a measure... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pressure Blowers and Fans - (131 companies)
    Pressure blowers and fans are used to create and sustain a positive pressure for inflatable structures, clean rooms, laboratories, and medical facilities. Pressurization blowers are fans that create a positive pressure in a sealed or restricted environment. Search by Specification | Learn More
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...similar to vortex. contain a turbine. meters, except. The flow against. vanes at the inlet. the turbine’s vanes. swirl the flow,. causes the turbine. creating the pressure. to rotate at a rate. variations. proportional to flow. Straightening vanes. velocity. A sensor. at the outlet de-swirl. detects...

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...and/or chips. The main woodyard systems are these of log handling, chip handling and bark/fine handling. Bark and rejects are conveyed to a combination boiler. Costs have been reduced in many new South American Mills by barking in the forest and not having any de-barking systems or bark handling systems...

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Effet Venturi - Wikipédia
Effet Venturi Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

de Laval nozzle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A de Laval nozzle will only choke at the throat if the pressure and mass flow through the nozzle is sufficient to reach sonic speeds, otherwise no

Tube de venturi calcul
tube de Venturi d'apres le Théorème de Bernoulli L'interface de calcul de tube de Venturi dans les outils MECAFLUX

Calcul de débit pour les tubes Venturi
Facteur de dilatation du tube Venturi Diamètre et température de calibration du tuyau Diamètres de tube Venturi et de tuyau corrigés

Bedienungsanleitung Staurohr Typ S Operating manual S-Tube...
Bedienungsanleitung Staurohr Typ S Operating manual S-Tube Probe EN Mode d'emploi Tube venturi de type S Istruzione d'uso Tubo pito / Prandtl tipo S

Le tube de Newton
cardiogramme train supraconducteur COMPARTIMENT n° 2 : cloche à vide tube de Newton arc glissant vortex horripilation sphère plasma fibre optique

G.U.N.T. - Equipment for engineering education - HM 150.32
? Visualisation de la loi de Bernoulli ? Visualisation de la marche de pression dans le tube de Venturi

G.U.N.T. - Equipment for engineering education - ST 250
[1 Etude des phénomènes de cavitation [2 Tube de Venturi avec 3 raccords de mesure de pression

HS1192/HS1192: Glosario de t?rminos usados en riego por goteo...
Vista panorámica de un cabezal central de riego por goteo/Panoramic view of a drip irrigation pump station.

bassin de jardin : l 'oasis, spécialiste du bassin aquatique...
INFOS - PROMOS *Toutes les promos Alimentation Bache Electricité Entretien Librairie Pompes Traitement de l'eau

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