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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FZ-LESR Digi-Key Omron Automation and Safety Optical Inspection Equipment FZ SMALL CAMERA EXTENSION TUBE

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  • Tube to Tubesheet Joints: The Many Choices (.pdf)
    solid, explosion clad or loose lined. Other factors to consider are whether or. not to seal weld, expand only, strength weld or use some combination of these and what should be. sequence of events during proof testing and inspection. KEYWORDS. Seal welding, tube-to-tubesheet welds, heat exchanger
  • Residual Stresses In OTSG Tube Expansion Transitions (.pdf)
    ) inspection of. this region had determined that an axial defect was. present in the expansion transition approximately 2.5. cm below the primary face of the hot leg tubesheet. Examination of the pulled tube section identified the. defect as an ID-initiated primary water stress. corrosion crack (PWSCC
  • Destructive Quality Testing of Welded Steel Tube (.pdf)
    is a brief review of destructive testing commonly used in the production. of High Frequency Induction and Contact welded pipe and tube. TRANSVERSE WELD AREA EVALUATION. One of the best tests for the weld setup is the TWA evaluation. This test is simple,. quick and should be performed at every gage
  • Medical Device Link . Achieving Precision Tube Extrusion for Medical Applications
    stripe down their length to aid in identification or for precision insertion and inspection. The stripes are produced by coextruding another material into the tube die from a second extruder. It is possible to create external or internal surface stripes or to fully encapsulate the stripes in the tube
  • Ultrasonic Inspection of Oil & Gas Pipelines
    with an overall PVC jacket. The outer layer has 4 individually jacketed pairs, 8 triaxial cables for cameras, one tube for the ultrasonic testing liquid, and two twisted pairs with a fiberglass and stainless steel braid as well as a PVC jacket. All this went under a blue polyurethane jacket
  • LEDs Line Up to Illuminate Web Inspections
    or color linescan or TDI cameras that must resolve these details. As a result of the high-speed camera operation, pixel integration times may be very fast, requiring the product under inspection to be illuminated with high-intensity light sources. In many systems, fluorescent tube, fiber-coupled halogen
  • Case Study: Sixteen Eyes Can See Better Than Two
    AICON 3D Systems GmbH is one of the world leading providers of optical camera based 3D measurement systems. The company located in Braunschweig, Germany, develops and distributes systems for the business areas of inspection and testing as well as car safety and tube inspection. The majority
  • Utilization of Infrared Inspection: A Comprehensive Distillation Furnace Inspection Program
    furnaces only have 1 to 3 thermocouples per pass. In service applications that involve internal fouling such as distillation, it is not unusual to see tube metal temperature variations of 200° F or more in areas of fouling. This paper describes how an infrared inspection program can identify

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