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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
290QX Digi-Key Hammond Manufacturing Transformers TRANSF TUBE GUITAR AMP POWER
291CEX Allied Electronics, Inc. HAMMOND MFG Not Provided transformer - tube guitar amp - power

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  • Transformer Inrush Current - Use an NTC Thermistor
    To Stop Inrush Current. Transformer Inrush Current. Lithium Ion Precharge Circuit. Sensing Thermistor. --------- Products ------------. NTC Thermistors -Probe w/ Epoxy. NTC Thermistors -Probe w/ Ring Lug. NTC Thermistors -Probe w/ Steel tube housing. NTC Thermistors -Probe w/ Threaded Hex. NTC
  • Introduction to Solid State Pipe & Tube Welding Systems (.pdf)
    In the last few years the solid state welder has become the dominant choice for the high frequency. pipe and tube making process, displacing the traditional vacuum tube welder. Solid state welders are. available with power ratings range from 50 kW to 2000 kW. Their welding frequency can be tailored
  • The Good Old Power Resistors
    was with communications equipment when vacuum tubes were king. Tubes had personality. They emitted a warm glow from their filaments and cherry-red anodes, and mercury-vapor rectifiers added a blue tint to the drab gray and black equipment. The gentle hum of high-voltage power transformers could put you to sleep
  • Protecting Switching Power Supplies from Inrush Current
    This application note provides some design considerations for inrush current protection of the AC current applicable to Switching Power Supplies (SPS). The solution suggested in this application note uses an NTC Power Thermistor in separate legs of the power supply circuit (see Figure 1). This NTC
    at pressure of 1.2 atm, the energy of spontaneous radiation. in the full solid angle was » 45 mJ/cm3, and the FWHM of a radiation pulse was » 110. ns. The spontaneous radiation power rise in xenon was observed at pressures up to 12 atm. Pulsed radiant exitance of inert gases halogenides excited by VDIAEB
  • Green Technology: How to power an energy-efficient light
    if it weren't for electronics able to economically drive these bulbs. And there are still lessons being learned about how to get the cost out of illumination systems. Take fluorescent lighting, for example. The old-time ballasts powering fluorescent tubes were little more than transformers that energized
  • The `Good Old` Power Days (.pdf)
    of high-voltage power transformers could put you to sleep. If a current needed "tweaking" you looked at a 3-inch panel meter, and took control with a knob you could get your whole fist around!. Power resistors were big wirewound guys. They had hollow cores and were covered with shiny brown enamel
  • Tranformer Oil Purification using Vacuum Dehydration Techniques
    contamination at levels as low as 30 ppm (parts per million) can adversely affect the insulating strength of the oil. With ever-increasing standards for energy efficiency of power distribution transformers, the need to effectively degas will become even more important in the future. Transformer Oil

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