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    applications such as dialysis, the couplings provide a twist-to-connect locking mechanism and double-sided nonspill shutoff valve. Because air inclusion is low, the risk of contamination and the need to purge fluid lines are minimized. Hose-barb terminations are available for tubing with 3.2 or 6.4 mm ID
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    syringe barrels. It can purge up to four 3-, 5-, 10-, or 30-cm3 syringes at a time. Safety features include a locking lid and an electric. MPMN: Spotlight. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry. Suppliers Archived Articles
  • Operational Guidelines for Highly Reactive Toxic Gas Measurement
    not assume that even with all of these requirements met that the gas sample is. correct. The only way to completely verify that the actual delivered sample is correct is to check it with a. length of stain tube (also known as pull tubes). This is an easy and reliable way of determining that the. delivered
  • Verify Fluid Flow to Your Analyzer and Keep Your Plant Running
    these new generation. analyzer systems and traditional legacy, and hybrid. designs (Figure1). Depending on the analyzer type, sampling fluid. is often transported in 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch tubing. Most systems typically draw small samples in 1/4. inch tubes. Also growing in popularity are systems. based
  • One laser head, one plasma torch, one cutting table
    , the solid-state laser’s benefits abound. It uses no resonator gas, requires no beam pathway purge, and offers more than 30 percent wall plug efficiency. In other words, more of the energy the laser consumes actually goes into making the cut. When fabricators see a seemingly simple fiber making its way from