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Parts by Number for Tubing Cutter Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TC1000 PLC Radwell Pneumadyne Not Provided TUBING CUTTER
14100078 Global Industrial Eldon James Corp. Not Provided Professional Tubing Cutter
20021878 PLC Radwell Bacharach Not Provided HT1878 TUBING CUTTER
20021818 PLC Radwell Bacharach Not Provided HT1818 TUBING CUTTER
2002-1858 Tequipment.Net Bacharach Not Provided HT1858 TUBING CUTTER
PXC058R PLC Radwell Freelin Wade Not Provided RED TUBING CUTTER
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    Tubing cutter features variable feed rates Flexibility is one of the key characteristics of a rotary-blade tubing cutter. The WC600D unit from (Syracuse, NY, USA) is designed to cut flexible nylon-reinforced polyurethane and PVC hose, rubber hose, and other materials measuring between 12.7 and 28.5
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    burst tester, multistation leak tester, and tubing cutter and splitter. The main benefits to OEMs that use our equipment are a drastic reduction in production times; substantially improved quality, performance, and appearance of the finished. EMDM (Product Update: Products) November 2001. Skip
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    small-diameter medical tubing to rigid window and door profiles. The SCE-series cutters, which feature a velocity-controlled servomotor, and the new SCX series, featuring a position-controlled servomotor, provide high precision and speed. Both series are available with 2.25-, 3.25-, 4.25
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    cutter. Additionally, the captured process allows tighter tolerances to be kept when processing small-diameter tubing. Parts coming off the machine typically do not have dross or slag left over from the cutting process, which means less time in the electropolishing postprocess. Written
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    a minimum of floor space. The machine is offered to provide an economical entr ee into burr-free ECG tube-cutting technology. Flexible tubing can be cut at various feed rates. A rotary-blade tubing cutter can be used to cut a wide variety of flexible tubing materials, including polyurethane, PVC
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    . Strategic Products Inc., 18 Marina Isles Blvd., #202, Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937. Rotary Blade Cutting Machine A rotary blade tubing cutter processes tubing such as PVC, silicone, multilumen, synthetic rubber, PEEK, and vinyl, among others. Capable of cutting tubing with ODs up to 1/2
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    to maintain a consistent size of either or both diameters, the rate at which this is done must be accurately controlled." In addition, the tubing cutter must obey precise parameters and the puller must change speeds at a constant rate. Cumbersome timer and switch control systems, according to Sparacino
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    Coomer Rd., Newfane, NY 14108. Flexible-tubing cutter A company offers an updated version of its Model WC600 wire and tubing cutter. The WC600B rotary blade, flexible-tubing cutter features a new design that enables accurate cutting of flexible tubing with no flattening or crushing of tubing ends