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  • Fluids for Tumbling, Burnishing, Deburring Applications
    for this operation. Deburring is the process of removing burrs. Burrs are the undesirable sharp edges or protrusions on a parts surface produced during the manufacturing process. Parts are deburred by tumbling the parts in a barrel or a vibratory bowl, along with finishing media.
  • Ball Mills and Media Mills
    Ball mills and media mills are milling equipment that reduces particle size by tumbling a feed with grinding media such as balls, rods or other shapes. Ball mills are typically wet, batch units. Water (or another liquid) and additives aid the grinding process by reducing friction, deflocculating

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  • Mass mediums as political players
    Applies at a descriptive level to clarify it furthermore which rollers mediums as players occupies.
  • Manual children and mediums
    Play which role mediums in the commercialization of childhood, the contribution Paus-Hasebrink of Ingrid and jasmin Kulterer thematisiert.
  • Manual medium pedagogy
    As such, it investigates the influence of mediums on immigration (immigration) of migrant in the rule as unique and unidirectional operation - in the normative point of view of the assimilation, i.e., the roller of mediums at the alignment of minority players...
  • Medium communication on the move
    But becomes so far hardly which roller mediums in the context thematisiert in scientific investigations new (more foreign) life and medium worlds occupy and approach them which meaning in international mobility processes.
  • The Mediatisierung of social worlds
    2) A central point concerns the analysis of the social world itself and play which role mediums in it which incorporate itself already > e.g. mediums as infrastructure of this world became < (e.g. in professional contexts) or whether mediums rather to...
  • Mediatisierung
    But here, a further Desiderat on communication science becomes clear as social science: The question plays which role mediums for the forms of human cohabitation and the society with which the medium theory works from its claim (Meyrowitz 1995, Krotz 2001, 2003...
  • Mediums, appropriation and identity
    In the dispute with medial relationships, the question encounters then, to play which role medium persons in processes of the identity construction in the youth age and the forms of the medium appropriation in that respect to design themselves how.
  • Lexicon communication and media science
    ...concept (▶ also Cultural Studies) that is oddly used for the analysis of journalism understands this but part of the everyday life and popular culture; it focuses particularly the Rezipienten perspective and asks it, have which role mediums (and journalism) in the...
  • The integration potential the Internet for migrants
    Thereby, medium and Internet use to occupy analysed which roller thereby became.
  • Quality in the crisis and war reporting
    Which roller mediums in crises and wars is allocated, depends on the communication in conflicts also of assumptions about the effect power.
  • Television and anger
    Roller medium provider .
  • Everyday life in mediums, mediums, in the everyday life
    ...It goes not (unproblematisiert) to be able to make or make which contribution mediums for integration of minorities into the respective 'guest-society' about the question, but to play many mediums more open about the question, which roller at the constitution of...
  • Mediums in the marketing
    The title of the available publisher mechanism of "mediums in the marketing" points to nächst to the questioning, play which role mediums in regard on the marketing of organizations.
  • Children and the appropriation of political information in online-mediums
    This wasn't the case, so, was to clarify later whether children engage themselves in other regions and play which role mediums for them thereby.