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  • Fixed Abrasives Take Lapping Into Another Dimension
    inserts can be fi nished within. through conventional fl at lapping. 7 to 8 minutes, a rate of 700 to 1,000 parts per hour. Consider a tungsten carbide insert application. Speed is a primary reason double-sided fl athoning. May/June 2004 27. TECH Briefs. micrometers (0.000040
  • Lapping Gets Cleaner
    lapping. oil-coated parts to feed directly off the machine into packaging. Consider a tungsten carbide insert application. These inserts. for shipment. Even when oil must be removed, only the. are often ground first on a Blanchard grinder with special. chemical itself is removed — not the more difficult
  • Performance Characteristics of a Newly Developed Machinability Additive for PM Applications
    tungsten carbide insert and TiCN coated insert (Iscar IC20. and 656) with a TPMT321 design. For the sprockets, a CNC lathe internal boring was performed in the. ID of sprocket using an uncoated tungsten carbide insert (Sandvik H13A) with a DCMT 3(2.5)1 KF. design. Machinability was evaluated
  • Milling Nickel-based Alloys - Milling Heat Resistant Alloys
    only by grinding. Some areas where the greatest savings have been shown are in the heat treated alloy steels, die steel, weld overlays, hard facings and hard irons. As in Nickel-based alloys, speeds can be increased up to 8x those used for uncoated tungsten carbide tools and 4x those of coated
  • Medical Device Link .
    Small metal and ceramic components can be manufactured by means of a low-cost advanced metal injection moulding (AMIM) technology. The production process is unique to the company, and is based on metal injection moulding. A range of materials, including stainless steel, Hastelloy, tungsten carbide
  • Medical Device Link .
    LLC, Ventura, CA. Cleanroom Injection and Insert Molding Available. A Class 100,000 cleanroom is used for custom and high-precision injection molding. The company 's molding facility provides high-speed material-handling equipment. Closed-loop processes ensure that products
  • Medical Device Link .
    connectors. The tools can be used with aluminum, copper, presintered tungsten carbide, and alloys such as silicon-aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, lead, and manganese. In addition to nonferrous metal workpieces, the tools can be used with carbon, ceramics, fiberglass composites, graphite, and plastics
  • Continuously Mixing One Batch at a Time
    knives on the front and back walls; a rotor fitted with a series of interconnected parallelogram-shaped cutters, each incorporating two replaceable cutter inserts with tungsten carbide tips; a classifying screen in the cutter housing's bottom; a gravity or pneumatic discharge; and an enclosed drive