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Parts by Number for Tungsten Carbide Knife Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
09264448036-1 Carlton-Bates Company KLEIN TOOLS Knife & Scissor Sharpeners Scissor/ Knife Sharpener Tungsten Carbide

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  • Screen Classifying Cutter Allows Recycling of Tungsten Heavy Alloys
    is a helical rotor with dozens of tungsten carbide-tipped cutter heads attached to an array of interconnected parallelograms that creates a steady and even cutting action against a pair of bed knives with each turn of the rotor, which yields particle uniformity. Most cutters and granulators, by contrast
  • Blending Microbes Demands Gentle Touch
    of rotor enclosure (left) feeds edge trim to screen classifying cutters for downsizing. SCC cutters utilize a helical rotor with dozens of tungsten carbide-tipped teeth attached to an array of staggered holders. The rotor downsizes scrap against twin bed knives in a steady, even cutting action
  • Continuously Mixing One Batch at a Time
    knives on the front and back walls; a rotor fitted with a series of interconnected parallelogram-shaped cutters, each incorporating two replaceable cutter inserts with tungsten carbide tips; a classifying screen in the cutter housing's bottom; a gravity or pneumatic discharge; and an enclosed drive