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  • Description: manufacturers. The ability to machine, finish grind and assemble today’s large tungsten carbide/stainless steel/Inconel valve components requires machine tools capable of turning up to 28" (710 mm) diameter parts and cylindrical grinders that can hold extremely tight tolerances. General

    • Function & Thickness: Abrasion / Sliding Wear
    • Corrosion Resistant: Yes
    • Industry & Application: Power Generation, Oil & Gas / Petrochem
    • Material: Carbide / Hardmetal

  • Description: Cobalt. Nickel. Tantalum. We offer them all. In fact, we produce more than 50 carbide grades in a wide range of binder concentrations and particle sizes. We also lead the industry with the tightest overall material specifications. Our tungsten carbide grades use cobalt binders ranging

    • Carbides / Carbide Ceramic Type: Tungsten Carbide (WC)
    • Shape / Form: Bar Stock, Block, Fabricated / Custom Shape, Preforms, Rod Stock, Roller / Roll, Tube Stock
    • MOR / Flexural Strength: 490000 psi
    • Density: 884 to 891 lbs/ft³

  • Supplier: CoorsTek

    Description: Extension Rods Made with the same material and process as our Hard-Co plungers. The Hard-Co coating is a nickel chrome hardfacing alloy that is deposited on a base metal. This produces a non-porous coating which is very dense and corrosion resistant. Standard Base Material: Carbon Steel Optional

    • Carbides / Carbide Ceramic Type: Tungsten Carbide (WC), Other
    • Shape / Form: Fabricated / Custom Shape
    • Applications: Abrasive / Erosive Wear Protection, Wear Parts / Tooling

  • Supplier: Insaco, Inc.

    Description: CVD silicon carbide substrates or parts machined to your specifications

    • Carbides / Carbide Ceramic Type: Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide (WC)
    • Shape / Form: Fabricated / Custom Shape, Plate / Board (e.g., Fiberboard), Wafer / Substrate, Tube Stock
    • Hollow Stock / Shape: Yes
    • Thermal Conductivity: 300 W/m-K

  • Description: Increase productivity, improve quality and reduce downtime with Chatter Free metal. Mi-Tech Metals’ Chatter Free material is designed for minimum vibration and outstanding rigidity. Compared to traditional tungsten carbide, our Chatter Free metal offers: higher density superior

    • Types: Alloy
    • Shape / Form: Semi-finished Shape / Mill Stock, Fabricated Parts / Shapes, Bar Stock, Rod / Round Bar Stock
    • Overall Width / OD: 3 inch
    • Overall Length: 12 inch

  • Description: Composites • Thermo-Electric Materials • Rocket Propulsion Parts • RF Microwave Parts • X-ray Anodes & Targets • Laser Mirrors & Heat Sinks • Carbide and Composite Tools

    • Metal / Alloy Types: Refractory / Reactive (UNS R)
    • Shape / Form: Powder
    • Applications: Aerospace / Aircraft (AQ), Chemical / Materials Processing, Electronics / RF-Microwave, Wear Parts / Tooling, Other

  • Description: Hydraulic Controlled Guide Tungsten Carbide Blade Guide (Hydraulic Clamping Force) Arm Hydraulic controlled Cleaning Wire brush with flexible drive shaft driven by brush motor Motor Output Blade 15HP (11.25 kw) Hydraulic 3 HP (2.2 Kw) Coolant 1/4HP (0.2 kw) Feeding Mode Hydraulic automatic

  • Description: Aremco offers a wide range of high purity metals and ceramics that are applicable to scientists and engineers involved in basic research and applied product development.

    • Carbides / Carbide Ceramic Type: Boron Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide (WC)
    • Shape / Form: Powder / Aggregate (Grain / Grog)
    • Applications: Ceramics / Glass Manufacturing, Chemical / Materials Processing, Corrosion Protection, Electrical / HV Parts, Electronics / RF-Microwave, Foundry / Metal Processing, Wear Parts / Tooling

  • Description: Shape Complexity High Volume Experience Ferro-Tic SBC ~ Steel Bonded Titanium Carbide ~ Newburgh, New York Ferro-Tic® Machineable Carbides Severe Wear Applications Hot Isostatic Pressed Materials Yillik Carbide Products ~ Precision Cemented Carbides ~ Ontario, California Wide Variety

    • Metal Types: Copper, Iron-Nickel Alloy, Tungsten-Copper Alloy, Carbon Steel, Nickel Steel, Stainless Steel, Superalloys (Inconel 713, etc.), Tool Steel, Other
    • Services Offered: Powder Metal (P/M) Services, Prototype, High Volume Production, Assembly Services, Coining, Design Assistance, Heat Treating / Stress Relieving, Just-In-Time Capability, Machining, Plating, Polishing / Buffing, Tool / Mold Making
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Southwest US Only

  • Description: Extreme hardness and wear resistance make these Tungsten Carbide balls an excellent choice for bearings, ball screws, valves and flowmeters. They can also be used for coining and as pivots, detents and tips for gauges and tracers. Tungsten Carbide Balls are used for ballizing, hole sizing

    • Shape / Form: Other

  • Supplier: Binks

    Description: The PitBull 3500 PSI Airless spray gun has a revolutionary design that eliminates the needle and spring valve and is replaced by a single piece spray valve. Wear parts in the spray valve are made of Tungsten Carbide. Spray valve design reduces spitting, trigger pull, and fatigue while lasting up

    • Painting / Coating Process: Spray / Atomization (Wet)
    • Spray / Atomization Technology: Airless
    • Type: Component / Sub-system
    • System Option / Component: Applicator / Gun

  • Description: Saint-Gobain has developed a water-based alpha alumina and diamond slurry which has proven itself to be an excellent polishing agent for hard materials. It can be used to produce superior surface finishes on electronic components and wear parts made of tungsten carbide, silicon carbide and other

    • Type: Polishing
    • Products / Materials Finished: Ceramics / Glass, Specialty / Other
    • Form: Slurry
    • Abrasive Grain Type: Aluminum Oxide

  • Supplier: Vektek, Inc.

    Description: and static friction Fluorocarbon wipers are standard for improved coolant compatibility. Tungsten-Carbide cam followers for strength and wear Same mounting envelope as standard

    • Type: Hook / Swing Clamp
    • Actuation: Hydraulic
    • Clamping Mechanism: Other
    • Clamping Force: 1100 lbs

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  • The Manufacturing Process for Cemented Tungsten Carbides (.pdf)
    General Carbide is a leading manufacturer of tungsten carbide preforms and blanks used in wear, cutting and metalforming operations worldwide. The founder of General Carbide, the late Mr. Premo J.Pappafava (1926-2002), published a paper early in his career which, to this day, is a lasting
  • Designer's Guide to Tungsten Carbide (.pdf)
    . It competes with advanced ceramics in the wear parts arena but just as tungsten carbide did not totally displace tool steel, advanced ceramics cannot replace tungsten carbide.
  • Metal Carbides (WC, TiC)
    Carbides are compounds of a metal or metalloid (B, Si) and carbon. Metal carbides are also known as hard metals such as tungsten carbide (WC), titanium carbide (TiC) or tantalum carbide (TaC). Metal carbides have high hardness and high hot hardness, which makes them useful for cutting tools
  • Titanium Carbide (TiC)
    Titanium carbide (TiC) materials are compounds of a titanium metal and carbon. Metal carbides are also known as hard metals. Metal carbides have high hardness and high hot hardness which makes them useful for cutting tools, forming dies and other wear applications. Metal carbides often used
  • Refractory Hard Metals
    Refractory hard metals (RHMs) are a ceramiclike class of materials made from metal-carbide particles bonded together by a metal matrix. Often classified as ceramics and sometimes called cemented or sintered carbides, these metals were developed for extreme hardness and wear resistance. The RHMs
  • Making Single Facer Bearings Last the Life of the Rolls (.pdf)
    is the material that actually guards against bearing wear, the lubricant itself becomes an important part of any PM program. Proper lubricant selection has recently become more critical with the increased use of tungsten carbide as a coating on rolls. Compared to the more traditional chrome coating, tungsten
  • Copper EDM Electrodes
    machining of tungsten carbide, or in applications requiring a fine finish.
    Functionally, the ability of a tungsten carbide/steel assembly to succeed mechanically in severe service valve component applications is dependent upon the strength and reliability of the method of attachment. In common use today is a brazed assembly, employing standard braze procedures to achieve

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