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  • Federal Register > Friday, July 26, 1996 > [61 FR 39165] Filings Under the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935, as Amended ("Act")
    APCo's central machine shop, located in South Charleston, West Virginia ("Shop"), renovated, rebuilds and modifies major pieces of power plant equipment, such as turbine shells and rotors, pump rotors, motors and similar equipment used by AEP system companies in their power plant …
  • Refurbishment of Oakland Dam
    No longer cost effective, its four old vertical turbines only pumped out 600 kW. During the past year, the small scale hydro developer American Hydro Power Company rebuilt the site, which can now produce 1.5 megawatts.
  • Semiannual progress report for the Idaho Geothermal Program, April 1-September 30, 1979
    Close management follow-up minimized the delay, and the transformer was rebuilt and installed in time to … A draft report on steady-state plant performance was completed, and on September 28, the contract for turbine structure construction was awarded to Biggers Construction Company . Production pumps were installed deeper at wells 1, 2, and 3; mechanical modification subcontracts on RRGE-1 …
  • Construction Safety Efforts During Iraq and Afghanistan Reconstruction
    … awareness, rigorous adherence to good safety practices, industry standards, and transference of the company 's strong safety … … has completed over a billion dollars in contracts, which include: Restoration of power plants and installation of new gas turbines Erection and stringing of … … of canals and water pumping station in Southern Iraq … … Safety ExpectationsEarly in the Rebuild Iraq program, the client …
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  • Irradiation Processing Department monthly record report, June 1958
    Removal of excess piping and equipment by Henry Bacon Company Contractors is apprQx/mately The six-inch Globe valve to No. 12 turbine conder_ger was replaced on June 9 with a rebuilt valve. of the dichromate pumping system to the 190 Tank Room is approximately .
  • Viking DHC-2 Beaver - Wipaire Conversions
    Wipaire offers conversion of customers' DHC-2 Beavers and produces Super Beaver rebuilds from surplus military DHC … The company also offers conversions with floats, skis and new propellers. … hold and flight director, Jasco alternator replacing generator, new battery location, electric fuel pump /primer, and Hartzell … Wipaire can also convert DHC-2 Beavers in turbine -powered aircraft with modern fuel and electrical systems.
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  • An Introduction to Engine Testing and Development
    \s=b\ Oil flow rates\p=m-\ Pump , across the oil filter, main oil gallery, and feed … The flow ofthe oil in the system is measured using flow turbines that are fitted into the … … drilling, and tapping of components and so forth carried out, and the engine rebuilt to ensure that … Companies should have a policy statement, usually contained within the quality manual, regarding the safe disposal ofwaste …
  • ZHTP00801P039
    The company continues to expand its international operations, such as in Poland, where it offers vacuum heat treating and brazing, thermal spray, and inorganic paint services to an increasing number of turbine engine-component manufacturers. Vacuum Pump Refurbishment Metallurgical High Vacuum Corp., Fennville, Mich. is a supplier of vacuum pumps and rebuilding services to the thermal process industry.
  • Energy efficiency improvement and cost saving opportunities for the Corn Wet Milling Industry: An ENERGY STAR Guide for Energy and Plant Managers
    … the utility company owns and operates the system for the mill; therefore, the company avoids the capital … the way through until the starch is dried, while electricity is used for pumping , grinding, separating and … For a new plant or a major rebuild , however, gas- turbine generation, which uses turbine discharge gases to generate process steam, or high-pressure turbines can be used.
  • Reverse engineering for rapid product development: a state of the art
    Dastarac 20 used the Magic tomograph of Intercontrôle to digitize a pump housing of turbine of helicopter of which the CAD model was perfectly known, in order to validate the tomograph as reverse engineering tool. The Velocity2 software, of Image3 company w20 and Mimics, published by Materialise w21 allow computing of data … Griffin and a! used for example Velocity2 for rebuild a STL model of a bottle of water …
  • Research on power security in the operation of urban economic in Shanghai
    With the continual deepened progress of rebuilding power grid construction during 2006-2010, and the completion and … We advise the government, power generation company and power grid company to make further efforts to the … … is completely solved -there is security operation reserve capacity -the power supplied from other areas is large -how to ensure the power supplied from other areas and combustion turbine power plant inside the … … with the operation of pumped storage power generators, the …