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  • Quick-operating Fasteners
    design and operation can also be important. For example, a quick-release fastener with a Phillips recess offers fast access only if an operator has the required screwdriver. Quick-operating fastener types include lever-actuated, turn-operated, slide-action, push-pull, lift-and-turn, magnetic
  • Conducting a Whole House Inspection for Latent Fastener-into-Pipe Defects Using Visual and Thermal Information
    are not caught during construction, they can turn into leaks that can go undetected for years. The resulting leaks can result in mold growth, dry rot or even structural damage in extreme cases. Contractors in California have a ten-year liability window for these types of defects. Finding cost-effective
  • Stopping the Flow of Counterfeit Components
    manufacturing sector, China has also developed the ideal infrastructure to turn out more-complex and high-value counterfeit components. Often, counterfeit components are not easily recognized. They might be low-cost parts with remarked or disguised part numbers that match a higher-priced item; older
  • Switch to Whirling Process Improves Accuracy of Worm Gear
    Virtually. any custom designed turned part is fair game for the company's. Swiss and CNC machines, which regularly turn out special screws. and custom-designed fasteners requiring tight tolerances and high. precision.
  • Coatings Address Engineering Problems
    Engineers in the aerospace, automotive, food processing, industrial, and military industries turn to solid film coatings to help solve problems which occur with fasteners, bearings, gears, valves, latch surfaces, metal-to-metal sub-assemblies, non-stick and release applications, etc. Some
  • Caring for Cables
    a carrier material. Metal carriers have higher tensile strength than plastic and hold up better under heavy fill weights. Metal carriers also withstand high temperatures. Plastic, in turn, weighs much less than metal. This cuts the amount of power needed to move the carrier and may eliminate complex
  • Washers
    known as plain washers, provide a bearing surface for a nut or screw head, cover large clearance holes, and distribute fastener loads over a large area, particularly on soft materials. This, in turn, reduces contact stresses and can thus reduce relaxation. Two types of washers are defined for general
  • New ideas reshape solid modeling
    Drag-and-drop features, drawings that almost read themselves to you, and translators that turn dumb models into manufacturable geometry are just a few of the capabilities added to modeling systems. Edited by Paul J. Dvorak Capable modeling systems such as SolidWorks from SolidWorks Inc., give users
  • Foolproofing embedded sensors
    an industrial supply house, probably will not work well with the sensor element and electronics. The details of how the sensor installs are important because nearby ferrous material can distort and shunt magnetic fields. This, in turn, can degrade the output of the sensor. In particular, sensor linearity
  • Forget general-purpose software -- Get Focused
    Most general-purpose design and simulation programs can be customized so nonspecialized users turn out the work of experts. Detailed assembly instructions can be sent to construction sites and received on handheld computers. The product configurator design by Vlad Zila for an architectural company

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  • Operational and interventional vessel medicine
    Because of good Kollateralisationsm�glichkeiten, the closure processes only in one third of cases become symptomatic.
  • Hand surgery
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  • The gonarthrose
    Hertel P, Widjaja G, Cierpinski T, Musahl V (2000) Ten year results of have bone-Patella tendon-bone press-fit the attachment in Acl deficient knees.
  • Hydraulic engineering
    Rotary closures .
  • Hydraulic engineering, settlement water management, sloping technique
    Rotary closures .
  • The Emssperrwerk and its closures
    The vollversenkbare rotary closure in the nave travel opening (HS�) is statically a three-joint frame that consists of five components: - swivel joint with hub in the current pillar 1, side disc in a concrete recess in the current pillar 1, closure �