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  • Insert Material - Brass versus Stainless Steel
    . environments such as fast moving currents, but. this may not apply to other grades. Please note,. • Brass provides excellent resistance to corrosion in. the most common turning stainless, 303, offers. contact with petroleum products. a superior machining rating as compared to other. 300 series stainless
  • Head Start
    that offer the highest degree of flexibility for other diameters and depths.”. Another way finish boring tools are flexible is insert independence. “Finish boring tools, especially when based on ISO or ANSI turning inserts, are independent from the manufacturer of the head,” said Thilo Mueller, senior
  • Tooling Blows Away Wind Turbine Ring Gear Cycle Times
    possible with other turning inserts. Square turning inserts, including those with the Sandvik Coromant GC4225 grade, usually have 15 lead angles that spread chips out across the insert 's cutting edge. This generates thinner, lighter chips, which do not damage the cutting edge as they curl up
  • Cermet Chip-Breaker Designation
    SPK offers a wide range of Cermet grades with chip breakers for indexable inserts for turning to give optimum chip control. The chipbreaking geometries are designed to ensure reliable chipbreaking under fully automated conditions. Cermets for Machining Applications. CeramTec International Close
  • SPK Grade Profile
    Protection. EMO Special Site. CeramTec offers a wide range of tools and tool carrier systems for a broad spectrum of machining processes and different performance requirements for precise and economic turning, hard turning, grooving, milling and boring with inserts made from SPK® cutting materials. SPK
  • Milling Nickel-based Alloys - Milling Heat Resistant Alloys
    carbide tools. The above graph (Figure 72) gives starting points for speeds and feeds based upon material hardness. In hard turning the use of a light hone on the insert such as edge preparation T1A may help reduce chipping. cover for pdf E. D. I. 800-458-1850. U. G. Turning Hard Materials 45-65 Rc
  • ZZ Wiper Geometry
    . aPPlication. PcBn for cast iron Machining. CUTTING MATERIALS, TOOL SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR TURNING. THE PRODUCTIVITY. EXPERTS. 2. Machining cast. iron Materials. The machining of cast iron materials is. loads which occur during high-performance. With its extensive product and service port
  • Carbide Grade Descriptions
    . and turning applications requiring additional resistance. E. Greenleaf offers a comprehensive line of carbide inserts. to mechanical and thermal shock. The multi-layered PVD. D. in grades ranging from sub-micron C-1 through C-8. coating increases the speed capability and wear resistance