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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TV02W101-HF Digi-Key Comchip Technology Circuit Protection TVS DIODE 100VWM 162VC SOD123
TV02W140-HF Digi-Key Comchip Technology Circuit Protection TVS DIODE 14VWM 23.2VC SOD123
TV02W161-G Digi-Key Comchip Technology Circuit Protection TVS DIODE 160VWM 259VC SOD123

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  • A Balanced Wideband VCO for Set-Top TV Tuner Applications
    Modern set-top TV DBS tuner systems require more channel. coverage, while maintaining competitive prices. This situation. creates tough design goals: to improve performance and simplify. design. Balanced VCO configuration could be a competitive circuit. solution, since it provides the widest tuning
  • Circuit Protection Design Considerations for LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TV Power Supplies and I/O Ports (.pdf)
    Advanced LCD technology has resulted in larger screens, wider viewing angles, and higher-quality vide images. However, as LCD TV screens grow bigger, and brighter, they require more power to operate, increasing the need for more robust and reliable circuit protection techniques. A variety
  • Temperature Measurement Circuits for Embedded Applications
    . R. R. Sensor. REF. Output. GP1. V. RSensor. Input. TH. AN0. Time (t). t = 0. t = t. V. 1. t = t. REF. 2. Comparator. C. PIC16C5X. –t. ----. . . V. t. RC. . TH .  2. V (t) = V. 1 – e . t = –. RC In 1 – ------. R. =. --- R. c. DD. . . Sensor.   REF. . . V. t. DD. 1. FIGURE 5: Ramp Rate
  • Soldered Flexi-Circuits Tensile Test
    Kingdom. Asia. China. France. Germany. Newsletter Signup. MECMESIN TV. Home > Test Solutions > Industry > Automotive > Case Studies > Soldered Flexi-Circuits Tensile Test. Soldered Flexi-Circuits Tensile Test. Specification. The customer was a manufacturer and developer of braking
  • Transformer Design for Charging Defibrillator Capacitors
    the TV flyback. transformer performs more functions than just generating high voltage.) The design of the. flyback circuit and transformer for power transformation is well illustrated in Pressman’s book. 1. “Switching Power Supply Design”. The block in Figure 1 labeled “Pulse Control” can take many
  • CATV Equipment Protection (.pdf)
    As cable providers enter the local exchange market, protection of CATV (Community Antenna TV) equipment becomes even more critical in order to ensure reliable operation of equipment and uninterrupted service. Protection Requirements CATV line equipment should be able to withstand overvoltages
  • A Basic Understanding of Overcurrent Principles
    times that of the normal current (for example a typical TV might draw 3A but the in-rush could be as high as 30A). These currents are typically harmless and subside within 1-2 seconds of startup. During an in-rush, the fuse should not open. The specified fuse in this case should be a time-delay
  • Littelfuse Varistor Design Examples (.pdf)
    network is there to prevent RFI from being transmitted into the power line (as in a TV set), but also serves to reduce the transient voltage. An analysis shows that the transient will be reduced approximately by half, resulting in about 2.5kV instead of 5kV at the rectifier. This is still to high

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