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  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Accelerated benchtop testing plays a prominent role in bringing new devices to market. With a well-reasoned protocol in hand, the test engineer can focus on actuator and controls selection the two most important elements in designing a powerful test system
  • Computer Power User Article - Airflow Control
    . To access the manual fan speed control, you have to press the Set button three times. The first two button presses bypass the controls for setting the hour and minute on the clock. Because most users will set their clock only once, this is a ridiculous design flaw. And though the GateWatch's front panel
  • Medical Device Link .
    electronic systems will deliver high long-term operational reliability must find and eliminate from their products the causes of two broad classes of device-related electrical failures. The first class of failures consists of those that are clear electrical failures. These failures might be caused
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Note: This is the second part of a two-part article detailing the winners of the 2000 Medical Design Excellence Awards. If you haven't done so, you might like to read the first part of this article Ultrasound at the Point of Care. The size of most high-quality
  • Medical Device Link .
    enterprises and seven academics and research groups. One FES system for hand and wrist control, the STIMuGRIP, has been taken from specification, through design, manufacture and laboratory trials and has just entered pilot clinical trials. This is described in detail below. Two other FES
  • Medical Device Link .
    New Tools Simplify Programming of Embedded Systems Everyone's yearning for a simple kind of life, and embedded systems programmers are no exception. Two recently introduced tools promise to make programming work less labor-intensive and to accelerate graphical user interface (GUI) development times
  • Sensor Sense: Capacitive Touch Sensors
    application of capacitive touch sensors can be traced back to 1919 when Leonard Theremin built the first electronic musical instrument. The Theremin uses body capacitance to change the frequency of two oscillator pairs in heterodyne. Musicians play the Theremin by waving their hands in front of two
  • An Introduction to KEELOQ Code Hopping
    available but, because of their high cost and certain practical disadvantages, they are not widely used in commercial remote control devices. The popular unidirectional transmission systems currently have two very important security shortcomings: the codes they transmit are usually fixed and the number
  • Computer Power User Article - Controllers On Parade
    The n52 is an assault of controls: 14 programmable keyboard buttons, two programmable thumb buttons, a scroll wheel, and an eight-way pad. Amazingly, most of these are fairly easy to reach without lifting your palm from the adjustable/removable rest. Software is the n52's heart. The Profile Editor
  • Tuning Servomotors
    To paraphrase an adage, there are two types of motion control engineers, those that are comfortable tuning a servo loop, and those that aren't. And if you are one of those engineers that aren't comfortable, you in turn, have two options. The first is to use a non-servo device such as a step motor