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Parts by Number for U Cup Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
UG290A/U ASAP Semiconductor AUTOMATIC Not Provided BNC 4HL FLG SOLDR CUP

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  • Intro to Plastic Valves: Seals
    unlike an o-ring the shape does not try to roll with the movement and create friction. The sides of the u-cup allow the shaft to move virtually unhindered, and seal with a wiping action.If a secondary or even a series of u-cups are used in the design, only the first one is pressurized, so friction
  • Selection Factors for Seals
    elements have been used up to 650 F. Above 650 F, metal bellows, U-cups, or piston rings can be used, but these seals are considered specials. Lubrication can reduce heat generation at the seal interface, but care must be taken to prevent coking. Direct cooling with a cooling chamber and heat exchanger
  • Valve Terms & Acronyms Explained
    . It is frequently used in a manner similar to a u-cup, that is, to seal the gap between a linear moving shaft and the valve body. SOLENOID VALVE: A valve that uses an electromagnetic coil for actuation. SPIGOT: A type of fitting, essentially a section of pipe fused cleanly into a valve
  • The What, How, Where and Why of Relief Valves
    solid PTFE shaft passes through three (3) U-cup seals which effectively isolates the liquid from the spring. An elastomer seat at the end of the shaft seals across the valve orifice. B. In a diaphragm design of either PTFE or an elastomer the diaphragm becomes both the seal isolating the spring
  • Unloader vs. Regulator
    of up to  3 gpm and up to 1000 psi. Standard features of the pump include: Stainless plunger. Stainless steel valves. U-cup seal design. Series 348U has been one of Pumptec’s most popular pumps because of its durability, size and performance capability. Series 348U has been used in compact hard
  • Medical Device Link .
    U-cups, wipers, piston rings, bushings, bearings, packings, O-rings, prototypes, and custom seals and shapes. The site,, gives details on a variety of seal materials such as polyurethane, Teflon, Viton, Buna N, and ethylene propylene. Users can learn about the availability
  • Make It Last: Maximizing the Service Life of Industrial Air and Spring Actuated Friction Clutches and Brakes
    balancing for high-speed. applications. High RPM when combined with high cycling can significantly reduce the life of the bearings and/or linings. AIR SUPPLY. Use Only Filtered Air. Particulate contamination will cause wear to the o-ring, u-cup or diaphragm. seals and can hinder proper cycling
  • Mechanical Motion Keeps Pace
    sizes with strokes to 40 in. Options include 304 stainless steel tubes for low breakaway, anodized heads for extra corrosion protection, sintered bronze bushings, U-cup piston seals, and accessories. Clippard Instrument Laboratory. 513/521-4261. To Measurement and Beyond