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  • Corrosion-Resistant Braze Joints (.pdf)
    . The in-depth metallurgical. analysis confirmed that all phases,. including the matrix, contain sig-. nificant amounts of chromium. S U L Z E R T E C H N I C A L R E V I E W 1 / 2 0 0 8. 5. Vacuum furnace brazing of a. sures in the vacuum furnace. Braz-. T-joint and metallography of. ing
  • How to get a better handle on fatigue
    . The U-joint is a test model for the accompanying images. Loading need not be represented by perfect sinusoids. The oscillation (top) could have come from a strain-gaged part working on real equipment. The brief loading sequence may sufficiently represent loading conditions. Uers must select from one of four
  • Criteria for Power Transmission Couplings:
    be achieved. Universal joints (u-joinrs or Cardan joints) are used in cases where the' dominant type of shaft misalignment is angular misalignment. Use of a single joint results in a non-uniform rotation of the driven shaft, which can be avoided by using double joints or specially designed "constant
  • Computer Power User Article - Mod(ern) Art
    . Then I attached a pair of handles to the top. The side panel, after many changes, became quite a good-looking piece, made with an orange Plexi sheet at the back, bordered by a U joint. I cut a space for the washing machine's window to fit in. I disassembled the Musketeer and separated the gauges from
  • Quiet, upscale cruising
    to the tailpipe. Based on customer input, engineers also respecified the U-joint articulation torque to cut driveline vibration, which was noticeable at about 45 mph. Says Williams, "We measure NVH in terms of the maximum noise output during a wide-open throttle, first-gear run. We also measure steady-state
  • What is a Flexible Shaft?
    freedom: Limitless possibilities in position motor and driven components. High efficiency: Flexible Shafts are 90 %-95% efficient. Gears, U-Joints, Belts and Pulleys have much lower efficiencies due to greater frictional losses. Large off-sets: Flexible couplings allow only 5 degrees of off-set
  • Helping contractors save money and enhance productivity
    . n -H. Fe o. d u. er ras. l in Fede. ral. B. B u. uii ll d. d i i nn. g g. R R. etreotfrito f. wit w. h i. M tehtr M. afl e. e t. x ra. M felte. raxl oM. op e. Etr. x a. p l. a o. nsoip. o. n EJx. oipna. tsnsion Joints. Eager for an alternative to the nearly. Eager for. impossible an. task
  • Application Work Sheet
    aggressive. chemicals cannot attack the stator bond, and the stator does not leak. Easy-to-service universal joints. Our universal joints lasts longer because they are lubricated, then positively sealed. with an elastomer cover and two holding bands. And seepex U-joints couldn’t be. easier to check
  • Gearbox Basics: Selecting and Applying Speed Reducers (.pdf)
    , the uppermost sup-. a coupling, and to a lesser extent, line. reducer ratio and the resulting torque. port bearing may not get the lubrication it. shafts and u-joints, alignment is the main. multiplication is merely a matter of divid-. needs. In certain gearbox designs the. concern. Because of machining
  • Pacific Klamath Energy Utilizes V-Cone Flow Meter to Solve Problem in Co-Generation Plant
    , it requires from 0 to 3 straight pipe diameters (0-108 inches) upstream and 0-1 (0-36 inches) downstream. A conventional flow meter would require a straight run of 360 inches upstream and 180 inches downstream. Add an elbow or U-joint if the pipeline needs to double back and the straight pipe diameter

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