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Parts by Number for UHF Antenna Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
EXC400BNX Digi-Key Laird Technologies IAS RF/IF and RFID ANTENNA UHF 400 - 420 MHZ
V21 ASAP Semiconductor ANTENNAS DIRECT Not Provided High Gain UHF / VHF Antenna (V21)
Blackbox-M-AntU Global Industrial Klein Electronics Inc Not Provided Blackbox ™ Uhf Antenna For Mobile Radios
VJ6040M011SXISRA0 ASAP Semiconductor VISHAY Not Provided ANTENNA, CERAMIC, UHF; Antenna Type:Ceramic Chip; Frequency:1.1G

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  • UHF Radio Modem Supports Computerized Irrigation Control (.pdf)
    . The fact that it's going to take a UHF telemetry radio, a spread-spectrum device or a cellular modem is in the background.". ./9275bbcd-e284-4e03-ad4e-87aa39207133 UHF Radio Modem Supports Computerized Irrigation Control. High-performance forward error correction extends the range for radio modems
  • Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Connectors
    Ultra high frequency (UHF) connectors are economical, all-purpose connectors designed with non-constant impedance for use in comparatively low voltage and low frequency applications such as citizens' band (CB) communications systems. Ultra high frequency connectors are also used in public address
  • Selecting the Right Antenna
    . frequency, these elements are small. The small size of the elements and the length of the antenna make Yagis very. awkward to use with higher frequency systems such as 802.11 or Bluetooth. They are, however, very well suited. for UHF and 900 MHz networks. Panel antennas are a good alternative to Yagi
  • DVB Antenna Design and Matching with Antenna Magus, Optenni Lab and FEKO
    An antenna is designed for VHF and UHF DVB operation using Antenna Magus, a matching network is designed in Optenni Lab and the full combination simulated in FEKO. DVB Antenna Design and Matching with Antenna Magus, Optenni Lab and FEKO -- FEKO. Personal tools. Welcome. Log in. |. Contact. Sections
  • Designing Loop Antennas for the rfPIC12F675
    efficiency and transfer more of the output. C. C. power to your receiver. A ceramic C0G capacitor’s ESR. L. L. is typically 0.2 to 0.6. C. Ω at UHF frequencies; variable. capacitors and ceramic X7R capacitors values are. usually higher. RFinput. (a). (b). (c). The inductance of the loop must be found
  • Identifying the Right RFID: Why Knowing the Difference Between HF and UHF is Important For Your Industrial Application
    similarly to HF RFID, where the antennas generate high-frequency options, but they also have several limi-. a magnetic field. Since the tag is closer to the antenna, tations that may impact their ability to deliver the neces-. near-field UHF has a narrower field of view and a shorter sary performance
  • Effect of Permittivity and Permeability of a Flexible Magnetic Composite Material on the Performance and Miniaturization Capability of Planar Antennas for RFID and Wearable Wireless Applications
    This paper is an investigation of the feasibility of. applying a mechanically flexible magnetic composite material to. radio frequency identification (RFID) planar antennas operating. in the lower ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) spectrum (~300-. 500 MHz). A key challenge is that the magnetic loss
  • Mars Rover to Earth: "Where to now? "
    orientation is unknown. DSN antennas communicate with far-flung spacecraft at frequencies of 2.2, 8.4 and 32 GHz. The omnidirectional UHF antenna communicates through orbiters Mars Odyssey and Mars Global Surveyor passing overhead. About half of all communications will go through the HGA, a 0.28-m

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