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  • UL 1449 Rated Surge Protection
    voltages are rounded up to the nearest UL rating (i.e., a SVR of 380 Volts, would be classified as a UL 1449 400 rating), so please consult the manufacturer for the actual suppressed voltage rating.
  • SPD Industry Code Changes (.pdf)
    the application of the SPD, not the performance or safety of the devices. UL 1449 third edition. Surge Protection. For Business-Critical Continuity™. ANSI /UL1449 Third Edition Safety Standard. (New UL and NEC standards means new performance levels,. test procedures and markings to SPD products
  • Manufacturing & Test Standards for SPD's
    voltages or surge. events that originate from equipment within a facility are not within the scope of this document. Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc. Rev 10/13/09. 727-535-6339 PH · 800-237-4567 · 727-539-8955 FX. UL 1449 Third Edition (Rev 3.0) – 2009 UL Standard for Safety
  • Design Features for SPD/TVSS Safety (.pdf)
    , or is out of normal production specifications? APT spends the extra effort to chase. down answers to these situations. Summary – UL 1449 provides good safety guidelines. APT prefers an additional level of safety. and expends substantial resources and energy to that goal. Failure testing is an inexact
  • What is an Electrical Transient?
    overvoltage high enough to drive them into continuous conduction. SPD safety testing, beginning in February 2007 when ANSI/UL 1449 - 2nd edition was revised to include extended abnormal overcurrent test parameters, required SPDs to be subjected to a full gamut of abnormal fault current scenarios