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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
EC35 Allied Electronics, Inc. CUSTOM CONNECTOR Not Provided Socket, Relay; 5; 300 V; 0.5 in.; UL Registered, CSA Certified, CE Marked

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  • Electrical Barrier Material - Voltoid (R) D-800
    Voltoid (R) D-800 is a resin-bonded cellulose fiber composite material. It is formulated for consistent electrical and mechanical performance under variable humidity and moisture conditions, and is recognized by UL for continuous use up to 105 C. Sealinfo: Voltoid D-800 - Gasket sealing solutions
  • Electrical Barrier Material - Voltoid (R) S-350
    Voltoid (R) S-350 is a cellulose-based electrical barrier and insulation material with a flame resistance rating meeting UL 94 V-0. Its combination of firmness and flexibility make it well suited for uses requiring part fabrication by creasing, cut scoring, forming, and printing. Sealinfo: Voltoid
  • Electrical Barrier Material - Voltoid (R) V-090
    Voltoid (R) V-090 is a flame resistant electrical barrier material including a blend of organic and inorganic fibers, inorganic fillers, and a proprietary latex binder. It has a Glow Wire rating of 900oC and a flame rating meeting UL 94 5VA, making it suitable for use in demanding fire resistant
  • General Monitoring Systems - Case Study
    The Liebert UPStation GXT systems synchronize with the frequencies of the emergency. generators during the weekly tests required for UL Listing as a protective signaling central. services station. And the ability of the Liebert UPS units to synchronize means that General. Monitoring's operational
  • Key Considerations for Medical Device Design
    solutions. Regulatory: *FDA, UL, IEC (Agency Requirements). *Creepage/Clearance/Isolation. *Patient Connect Requirements. *Patient Contact Requirements. Quality & Reliability: *Cleanliness. *Unique Test Requirements. *Materials & Process Traceability (Six Sigma CPK levels). *Minimized Process Variation
  • T1/E1/J1 Asymmetrical Protection (.pdf)
    1089, TIA-968, and UL 60950. t1e1prot.pdf T1/E1/J1 Asymmetrical Protection. F1250T. A2106UC6. T1 Transceiver. 1. 2. TX. F1250T. P0080SA MC. 3. +130 volts. Loop current. power source. F1250T. -130 volts. 4. P0080SA MC. RX. 5. F1250T. 6. The A2106UC6 surface mount SIDACtor® device provides
  • Medical Device Link .
    volumes. Less reagent is needed, and sample transport time is minimized. The valve has an internal volume of just 13 ul, which may increase the rate of throughput as well as cut down on the amount of fluid needed. Its fast response of 20 microseconds also accelerates throughput and allows for handling
  • MD&DI Web Site Directory- N-Z
    and risk mitigation, confidence and design verification testing, safety agency expertise (IEC, CE, UL, CSA), FDA registered Class I, II, and III Manufacturer, CGMP/QSA compliant manufacturer, process improvement & cost reduction for legacy products, prototype and clinical trial development, design