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Parts by Number for UL Resistors Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
19UL ASAP Semiconductor CTS Not Provided RESISTOR
WP9016UL24B ASAP Semiconductor NEW Not Provided RESISTOR

Conduct Research Top

  • Protection Circuits
    Protection circuits are an extremely important safety feature of any well designed circuit using a primary (non-rechargeable) cell in conjunction with another power source. The UL standard calls for either two diodes in series, or a resistor and diode in series, to prevent the battery from being
  • Medical Device Link .
    - and three-lead bicolor indicators. The indicators are shock and vibration resistant, use 90% less energy than incandescent units, generate no heat, and typically operate for 100,000 hours. The indicators come with straight terminals for wire wrapping or lead wires for soldering, and their black UL 94V-0
  • Medical Device Link .
    coatings, optoisolators, batteries, and interlock switches) should be evaluated against national or international safety standards (see Figure 2). They must be provided with a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) or European approval, such as a mark from (UL; Northbrook, IL) or another agency
  • Analog Line Cards (.pdf)
    . The following regulatory requirements may apply: * GR 1089-CORE * ITU-T K.20/K.21 * UL 60950 * TIA-968-A (formerly known as FCC Part 68). Analog Line Cards. Analog Line Cards. Given that line cards are highly susceptible to transient voltages, network hazards such as. lightning
  • Medical Device Link .
    life. These measurements include a combination of stress and destructive tests that must be performed under certain environmental conditions. In many cases, IEC 60601 has been translated into local national standards for use in certain countries. Examples are EN 60601 in the European Union, UL
  • Medical Device Link .
    The purpose of safety testing medical electronic equipment is to be sure that a device is safe from electrical hazards to patients and caregivers. Several UL, European, and Canadian standards serve as the ruling authority in determining how medical products are to be tested. One in particular, IEC
  • Skyworks Capacitor Model for ESD Applications
    to. t. o. Af. A ter. r int. n egr. g ating. g thes. e e models. s int. n o. o ADS, we further. r. the back of the wafer. Fur. u th. t er DC. C meas. a urement. n. t wi. w th. t. h. not. o iced. e durin. i g. g ADS simulat. a i. t on that. a the vo. v ltage drop. p. ins. n ul. u at. a ed. d stand. n prove. v
  • Using Current-Limiting Fuses to Increase SCCR of Industrial Control Panels (.pdf)
    at a specified voltage, that. the National Electrical CodeĀ® (NECĀ®)1 require industrial control. a device or system can safely withstand for a specified. panels to be marked with a Short Circuit Current Rating. time (such as 0.05 seconds), or until a specified fuse. (SCCR). Since 2006, all UL Listed