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  • Growth of GaN nanostructures with polar and semipolar orientations for the fabrication of UV LEDs
    The most common source of ultra - violet (UV) light is the mercury lamp , which is involved in a wide range of applications ( air and water purification, surface disinfection , medical procedures...).
  • Ni/Ag as low resistive ohmic contact to p-type AlGaN for UV LEDs
    Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for the ultra - violet (UV) spectral range have attracted increasing attention in recent years... UV curing, banknote counterfeit detection, medical instrumentation, photo catalytic air purification, and water disinfection .1 LED-based UV lamps allow compact and mobile...
  • Photo-oxidation of polypropylene fibers exposed to short wavelength UV radiations
    In a covered, open- air chamber at room temperature (25 ºC and 55 % relative humidity), samples of fibers were exposed to irradiation from two TUV 30W G30T8 Philips lamps . According to the manufacturer, the TUV disinfection lamps are low-pressure mercury-vapor discharge lamps emitting shortwave ultra violet radiation with a radiation peak at 253.7 nm (UV-C) for germicidal action and the ozone- forming radiations are filtered out.
  • An ultra�?violet sterile storage cabinet for medical and dental use
    The bactericidal properties of ultra - violet lamps have been recognized for many years and such lamps find widespread use as a cheap and efficient method for reducing air -borne bacteria in operating rooms,'" food storage disinfection by ultra-violet irradiation.
  • Ultraviolet Air Disinfection in a Children's Hospital A Technical and Bacteriological Study 1
    Tests with sprayed bacteria showed an air disinfection by the lamps equivalent to 29-169 air changes per hour, corresponding to a relative increase, 6-30 times, in the disappearance rate of air- borne bacteria without irradiation. Dksinfection de l’air par les ultra - violets dans un hdpital d’enfants.
  • Dosimetry of Room�?Air Germicidal (254 nm) Radiation Using Spherical Actinometry
    An epidemiolog- ic study of radiant disinfection of air in day schools. Perkins, J. E., A. M. Bahlke and H. F. Silverman (1947) Effect of ultra - violet irradiation of classrooms on spread of measles in large rural central schools. ...Alevantis, Y.-L. Chang and K. S. Liu (1992) Effect of ultraviolet germicidal lamps on airborne mi...
  • Ultra�?Violet Disinfection of Sewage Effluents: A Pilot Study at Bellozanne, Jersey
    The pilot study simulated an open channel instal- lation using medium pressure ultra - violet lamps parallel to the direction of flow. Key words: Disinfection ; marine discharges; sewage effluent; UV irradiation. The Bellozanne works is based upon a conventional diffused- air activated-sludge process designed to achieve a...
  • States > Texas > State > Register > 2011 > [TexReg 2011-1209is] 12/09/2011
    10) If offering the esthetician curriculum the following equipment must be available in adequate number for student use: (A) facial chair; (B) lighted magnifying glass; (C) woods lamp ; (D) dry sanitizer; (E... ...high frequency machine for disinfection , product penetration, stimulation; (I... 11) If offering the manicure curriculum the following equipment must be available in adequate number for student use: (A) an autoclave, dry-heat sterilizer or ultra - violet san ...file; (G) UV light curing system; (H) paraffin bath and paraffin wax; and (I) air brush system.
  • Considerations upon energetic efficiency of a recirculating aquatic system (RAS) for super intensive fish culture
    Aeration pumps have the role to introduce air in the water from the system to increase the... Disinfection process with ultra - violet light it is based on the property of UV radiation of penetration and elimination of all forms of bacteria, viruses and other small organism found in liquid or gazes. Unitary energetic consumption of a UV lamp depends on the turbidity of water, energy of the radiation...
  • Fused Quartz Base Materials - Properties and Applications
    These include clear fused quartz tubing (OH < 0.00ppm), which is mainly used in high performance and temperature lamps such as quartz halogen, mercury, ultra - violet (UV) lamps, semiconductor quartz ware, wave-guide handles thermocouples and high temperature products. This makes it a suitable material for many disinfecting applications and various other UV treatment applications. The clear fused quartz has the least number of inclusions and air lines and high dimensional stability.