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  • Growth of GaN nanostructures with polar and semipolar orientations for the fabrication of UV LEDs
    The most common source of ultra - violet (UV) light is the mercury lamp , which is involved in a wide range of applications ( air and water purification, surface disinfection , medical procedures...).
  • Ni/Ag as low resistive ohmic contact to p-type AlGaN for UV LEDs
    Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for the ultra - violet (UV) spectral range have attracted increasing attention in recent years � � as UV curing, banknote counterfeit detection, medical instrumentation, photo catalytic air purification, and water disinfection .1 LED-based UV lamps allow compact and mobile �
  • Photo-oxidation of polypropylene fibers exposed to short wavelength UV radiations
    In a covered, open- air chamber at room temperature (25 �C and 55 % relative humidity), samples of fibers were exposed to irradiation from two TUV 30W G30T8 Philips lamps . According to the manufacturer, the TUV disinfection lamps are low-pressure mercury-vapor discharge lamps emitting shortwave ultra violet radiation with a radiation peak at 253.7 nm (UV-C) for germicidal action and the ozone- forming radiations are filtered out.
  • Ultraviolet Air Disinfection in a Children's Hospital A Technical and Bacteriological Study 1
    Tests with sprayed bacteria showed an air disinfection by the lamps equivalent to 29�169 air changes per hour, corresponding to a relative increase, 6�30 times, in the disappearance rate of airborne bacteria without irradiation. D�sinfection de l'air par les ultra ? violets dans un h�pital d'enfants.
  • Handbook of Food Process Design, 2 Volume Set
    Wang, T., MacGregor, S.J., Anderson, J.G. and Woolsey, G.A. (2005) Pulsed ultra - violet inactivation spectrum of Escherichia coli. Wekhof, A. (1991) Treatment of contaminated water, air and soil with UV flashlamps. Wekhof, A. (2000) Disinfection with flash lamps .
  • Dosimetry of Room?Air Germicidal (254 nm) Radiation Using Spherical Actinometry
    An epidemiolog- ic study of radiant disinfection of air in day schools. Perkins, J. E., A. M. Bahlke and H. F. Silverman (1947) Effect of ultra - violet irradiation of classrooms on spread of measles in large rural central schools. � Alevantis, Y.-L. Chang and K. S. Liu (1992) Effect of ultraviolet germicidal lamps on airborne mi �
  • An ultra?violet sterile storage cabinet for medical and dental use
    The bactericidal properties of ultra - violet lamps have been recognized for many years and such lamps find widespread use as a cheap and efficient method for reducing air -borne bacteria in operating rooms,'" food storage disinfection by ultra-violet irradiation.
  • Inactivation of Staphylococcus aureus in Water by a Cold, He/O 2 Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Microjet
    Ultra - violet light has recently been adopted for disinfection of water. � to build the nation�s largest ultraviolet water treatment facility� nearly 4 000 UV lamps are being installed � In contrary to our previous study (where compressed air was used as working gas),[6] pre-mixture �
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    (A) facial chair; (B) lighted magnifying glass; (C) woods lamp ; (D) dry sanitizer; (E) steamer machine; (F) brush machine for cleaning; (G) vacuum machine; (H) high frequency machine for disinfection , product penetration, stimulation; (I) galvanic machine for eliminating encrustations, (A) an autoclave, dry-heat sterilizer or ultra - violet san- � file; (G) UV light curing system; (H) paraffin bath and paraffin wax; and (I) air brush system.
  • Ultra?Violet Disinfection of Sewage Effluents: A Pilot Study at Bellozanne, Jersey
    The pilot study simulated an open channel instal- lation using medium pressure ultra - violet lamps parallel to the direction of flow. Key words: Disinfection ; marine discharges; sewage effluent; UV irradiation. The Bellozanne works is based upon a conventional diffused- air activated-sludge process designed to achieve a �