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  • Nine Vision Research Digital High-Speed Cameras to Provide Ultra Slow Motion Coverage at Super Bowl XLIV
    -definition, ultra-slow motion replays for CBS Sports' live broadcast and NFL Films' coverage of Super Bowl XLIV. With ongoing appearances at countless professional sporting events on both the national and global stage, the Vision Research Phantom is quickly becoming the high-speed camera of choice for the live sports
  • Vision Research's High-Speed Digital Cameras Instrumental in Testing Grenades From 16th Century French Shipwreck
    . A major excavation was launched by the state of Texas. Case Studies Using Vision Research's Phantom Digital High Speed Camera. Home. Phantom Camera Products. High-Speed Cameras. Product Comparison. v7.3. Phantom Flex. ir300. v1610. Miro M / R / LC320S. v1210. Miro M / R / LC310. v711. Miro M / R
  • Case Study: Prosilica Cameras Capture the Thrill of Roller Coaster Rides
    , and the high performance GE1650C for rides which require faster frame rates due to higher train speed. Both models are 2 megapixel CCD cameras that provide excellent image quality and run 15 frames per second at full resolution for the GC1600C, and 30 frames per second for the GE1650C. These two
  • Case Study: Prosilica GigE Vision Cameras Tested for New NASA Recording System
    board; a high-speed, 320-Gbyte flash memory system; and an I/O subsystem that provides interfaces to multiple cameras, along with analog and digital inputs. Prosilica GigE Vision Cameras Tested for New NASA Recording System - Allied Vision Technologies. Select your regionEurope, Middle East & Africa
  • Hubble's Infrared Camera is Back in Business New Images Released
    of the instrument. At its core are three miniature, high-tech turbines that spin at rates up to about 430,000 rpm. Since the speed of the turbines can be adjusted at will, the NICMOS light sensors can be operated at a more optimal temperature than was possible before, about 77 Kelvin (minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Case Study - Phantom Cameras Used in Testing Grenades from 17th Century French Shipwreck
    to invest time in cutting edge cameras that could capture images at ultra-high speeds. "We literally had fragments of iron and ceramic traveling at hundreds of miles per hour in all directions, faster than the speed of sound. We needed a method to record the explosion that would yield the most
  • Live Event Broadcast Applications
    Ultra-slow motion playback at live events, especially sporting events, is becoming more and more popular. The Phantom v641 digital high-speed camera, while designed for a variety of 2 megapixel and 4 megapixel applications, is especially well suited for live broadcast applications. Live Event
  • Fast Windowing
    of interest (ROIs) can dynamically be defined with respect to size and position; exposure time as well as the sensitivity can be adjusted within each ROI independently. The ultra-high ROI-frequency of 100 kHz in combination with the arbitrary definition of system parameters within each window makes

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