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    Slide Switches - (192 companies)
    Slide switches are mechanical switches defined by their method of activation. The switch is a slider that moves (slides) from position to position. Slide switches are mechanical switches using a slider that moves (slides) from the open (off... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Rocker Switches - (333 companies) a single branch circuit. This switch type typically has two terminals and is referred to as a single-pole switch. SPDT rocker switches make or break the connection of a single conductor with either of two other single conductors. These switches... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    RF Switches - (248 companies)
    ...operator to turn a knob or move a slide in order to switch. Manual switches are typically capable of handling high power signals and are frequently used to switch between multiple antennas and RF transmitters/receivers. Specifications. Impedance... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Linear Slides and Linear Stages - (500 companies)
    How to Select Linear Slides. Hardened way slide Image credit: Milwaukee Machine Tool | Motion guide slide Image credit: PBC Linear | Dovetail slide Image credit: Generic Slide. Linear slides provide smooth, precision linear motion and positioning... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Linear Actuators - (735 companies)
    ...ratings. Motor features. Motor encoder feedback provides continuous output position in an analog or digital signal. Linear position feedback provides continuous output of position in an analog or digital signal. Position switches have a switch... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Ultra-hard Materials Machining - (131 companies)
    Ultra-Hard Materials Machining Information. Ultra-hard materials machining services fabricate components from ultra-hard materials such as glass, ceramics, sapphire, quartz, stainless steel, and titanium. Providers of ultra-hard materials machining... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pressure Switches - (777 companies)
    Pressure switches are actuated by a change in the pressure of a liquid or gas. They activate electromechanical or solid-state switches upon reaching a specific pressure level. How to Select Pressure Switches. Pressure switch. Digital pressure switch... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Microscopes - (716 companies) display the magnified image. Mechanical stage - Stages are often equipped with a mechanical device that holds the specimen slide in place and can smoothly translate the slide back and forth as well as from side to side. Other stages are designed to allow... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pushbutton Switches - (656 companies)
    How to Select Pushbutton Switches. Flush pushbutton switch. Image Credit: Automationdirect Raised pushbutton switch. Image Credit: Digi-Key Recessed pushbutton switch. Image Credit: Schurter. Pushbutton switches are mechanical switches defined... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Boxes and Crates - (234 companies)
    Boxes and crates are rigid, typically square or rectangular containers that may include a cover. They are used for all types of handling and storage applications. Search by Specification | Learn More

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  • ProtoXGamingGlove — A robust alternative for conventional input devices
    The hardware implementation of the PXG² uses the interfacing capabilities of the SRF05 - Ultra -Sonic Ranger, Triple Axis Accelerometer, Mini Push Button Switches and Thumb Slide Joystick to access the internals of the Atmega328 Microcontroller which are synthesized together onto the PXG².
  • Toughbook CF-U1 Ultra
    The CF-U1 Ultra is suited for multi-tasking applications such as SAP, CRM, turn-by-turn … … light sensor Audio: Intel® high definition audio compliant; integrated speaker; convenient keyboard volume and mute controls Expansion slot: SD Card (SDHC) optional magnetic stripe reader (with mini -dock); optional SmartCard reader … … 1 + EDR (Class 1); slide on/off switch Power supply: twin hot …
  • Author Index
    … ICW radars (Corresp.); T-AES 76 Jan 68-71(lE14) Castella, Frank R.; Sliding window detection probabilities … … T-AES 76 Sep 666 (2D09) Cote, R. A.; SMC-3100 ATGF-A mini -based automatic test … … E. Jones; ATS-6 radio beacon experiment: The first year; T-AES 75 Nov 1103-1109 (2C09) Correction, T-AES 76 Mar 301 (3B13) Davis, J. R., and J. S. Roberts; Ultra fast, high-power laser-activated switches (PESC 76 Abstr.); T …
  • p H Fractionation and identification of proteins: Comparing column chromatofocusing versus liquid isoelectric focusing techniques
    Dialysis was performed using individual 3500 rel- ative molecular mass cut-off mini -dialysis cassettes ( Slide - A-Lyzer, ThermoFisher Scientific, Waltham, MA, USA) con- taining 200 ␮L of one of the collected fractions. Dialysis pro- ceeded for 24 h with the buffer switched for fresh buffer after the first 2 … Tryptic peptides from the corresponding sample were in- jected into a Nano-Acquity ultra pressure liquid chromatog …
  • Purification–chemical structure–electrical property relationship in gold nanoparticle liquids
    … 50–1.00 a.u. For scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) experiments, an RHK-instruments ultra -high vacuum STM … The microcentrifuge was an Eppendorf Mini Spin Plus used with the standard rotor and 1.5 or … … Au NPLs which previously had the water solvent evaporated were dropcast onto glass slides , and a probe … RF-MEMS switch performance evaluation was performed on a custom-designed precision instrument which allowed control over …
  • Innergie Introduces Super Compact Universal AC Power Adapter And Ultra Compact USB Auto Adapter For Travel
    A built-in slide switch enables safe charging between 15 and 21 volts output, which represents nearly all common laptop computers on the market today. The new mMini DC 10 is an ultra compact USB auto adapter designed to charge any two … … that consumers who purchase any mCube-series product (mCube Pro, mCube Slim, mCube Mini , mCube Lite, or …
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  • The Best of Ophthalmology.....EyeWorld News Magazine
    … to go through a 2.2-mm incision using the rose colored 0.9 mm Ultra sleeve. I also prefer to use the 45-degree mini -flared Kelman tip. I can place the Kelman tip on its side and slide it in between two quadrants, get … … using torsional for the whole process rather than having to start with longitudinal and switching to torsional.
  • Shopping In Flashlights & Lanterns - Big Bruin
    …   •On/Off: push-button sequences through C4® LED, 3 ultra bright LEDs & … • Star Manufacturing 2117 Safty Appr F-Light2cell W/ Slide Swi … Safty Appr F-Light2cell W/Slide Swi 2117 SAFTY APPR F-LIGHT2CELL W/SLIDE SWI Switch guardSpare bulb holderUnbreakable … • Maglite M2a10l 2 Cell Aa Mini Flashlight Silver .