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  • Visual observation of the resolution and redeposition of palladium during the Suzuki�?Miyaura�?Reaktion
    The palladium samples like that that were brought with the tip of the soldering iron into contact (image 4 and 5) were washed 4 h before the analysis with DMF by 808C to remove the organic material from the surface. ...with a surface analysis system (Thermo of instrument Microlab 310F, Hastings) in the ultra high vacuum with... The surfaces under the peaks of different samples were normalized to correct the lesser fluctuations by the...
  • LZ1-00WW03 |
    Search Tip : Try entering the part number only. High Luminous Efficacy Warm White Ultra -small foot print 4.4mm 4.4mm 3.2mm Surface mount ceramic package with... ...JESD22-A102-C) JEDEC Level Moisture Sensitivity Level Lead (Pb) free RoHS compliant Reflow solderable cycles) Emitter available Standard Miniature MCPCB (optional .
  • Author index with titles
    ...singlet delta oxygen production 982 Irvine S E and Elezzabi A Y: A miniature broadband bismuth-substituted... ...J L: Calculations of adsorption of O2 and H2O on a carbon nanotube tip in field-emission... ...and Riikonen J: Mapping of mechanical stresses in silicon substrates due to lead–tin solder bump reflow process... ...Neely D and Riley D: Effects of plastic coating on Kα yield from ultra -short pulse laser...
  • Active differential 'scope probes provide 13 and 16 GHz Bandwidth (05/02/2007 20:40:54)
    When used with Tektronix’ ultra high performance oscilloscopes such as the DSA70000 and DPO70000 Series, the Tektronix... Interchangeable probe tip modules provide miniature solder -in tips, interchangeable extension cables assist with reaching difficult to probe areas, and a new needle-nose handheld style probe module can be used for both fixtured and handheld applications.
  • Avago Technologies Introduces Industry's Thinnest and Smallest Surface-Mount ChipLED Lamps in a Standard Package (04/01/2007 16:26:25)
    With an ultra small form factor about the size of a pencil tip , these low-power LEDs... Avago's ultra -thin HSMR-CL25 (Blue) and HSMW-CL25 (White) LEDs are ideal for backlighting keypads and... ...package configuration, designers can develop even smaller and thinner mobile handsets, handheld games and other miniature devices. ·Package is compatible with infrared (IR) reflow soldering and Avago's precision manufacturing techniques ensure perfect pick-up...
  • Tektronix Expands TriMode Probe Series (19/01/2009 16:59:31)
    ...probing capability is available across the complete portfolio of Tektronix DPO/DSA70000B performance and ultra -performance oscilloscopes providing... Interchangeable probe tip modules provide miniature solder -in tips, interchangeable extension cables assist with reaching difficult to probe areas, and a needle-nose handheld style probe module can be used for both fixtured and handheld applications.
  • Tabletop factory to fabricate 3D microstructures: nano manufacturing world
    The other (center) is for tool machining, assembling and soldering using various tools attached to the right... ...using circular guides as Fig. 3 illustrated in the center, so that tool tips and workpieces are... To accomplish an actual working NMW, we incorporated various components to it: a miniature slide bearing, a micro force sensor, a ultra -fine positioner,3 a thermal deformation sensor and so on.
  • Digital and Analog Fiber Optic Communications for CATV and FTTx Applications
    ...interface photodetector signal-to-noise and distortion strained layer single longitudinal mode sub miniature version A connector... ...raised cosine stimulated raman scattering single side band spot size converted laser straight tip connector signal transfer... user data protocol ultra high frequency universal mobile telecommunications system ultra polish physical contact upper side band... Arsenide Gallium Gallium – Arsenide Germanium Gold Gold Tin ( solder ) Helium Indium Indium – Gallium – Arsenide...
  • Tyton FO1: Fiberoptic Connector Cleaner
    Each dispenser contains 10 feet of 1-1/2" strips of " ultra -white" non-woven, lint-free... Hakko 900S-T-1.6D Soldering Tip for 900SESD, Screwdriver, .063" Tip Size GC Electronics 8608 Miniature Potentiometer-Trimmer Adjustment Tool .
  • Development of ultra miniature 1-french sensors for wireless radial arterial pressure monitoring
    ultra - miniature appropriately sized to fit within the tip of a 1-French catheter (333 micron), so that convenient... ...sensors are lithography, ion implantation, tri-metal Al/Ti/Pt sputter deposition (to accommodate direct soldering ), annealing, lapping/polishing (for...
  • China - Guidance Catalog for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011 Version) Issued by the National Development and Reform Commission March 27, 2011 and Effecti...
    ...thousand 立方米/年 under are 10 ten thousand 平方米/年 under, artificial pouring, not machinery formation (空心), vacuum pressurization law and gas temper the one step quartz glass production technology equips 23, 6 × 600 tons six side top small press production synthetic diamond... ...southern sea salt production device 4 of 2 ten thousand �?�/年 and following, super thin-type (the..., oleum sulfonated technology, stirring 釜�? ethoxylation technology 20, bicycle salt water bath welding furnace 21, tin...
  • SMT SIDE TACT SWITCH datasheets and application notes, data sheet, circuit, pdf, cross reference, pinout, datasheet |
    ...Heat Sink assembly  triac BT 137  Transistor Substitution Data Book  Stepper Motor Philips Tip ID  sot 32... ...338310-2  shim kit  scsi female panel mount connector  SCSI 100 pin plug solder cup  RIGHT ANGLE... ...circuit diagram knock alarm report 50SHB100* G5D smd wiring diagram dol motor starter Miniature Power RelayG5B .274... ...modem*  UL1015 18AWG yellow  triac tag 252 600  Triac Heat Sink assembly  TOSHIBA ULTRA HIGH SPEED SWITCHING...
  • DL0521P |
    Search Tip : Try entering the part number only. uLtRa CaPaCItaNCE aRRaY DESCRIPtION This device offers ultra capacitance leakage current miniature DFN-2-MLP package. ...DFN-2-MLP Package Approximate Weight: milligrams Lead-Free Pure-Tin Plating (Annealed) Solder Reflow Temperature: Pure...
  • Novel biomedical implant interconnects utilizing micromachined LCP
    ...may include electrical signals, microfluidics transport and optical signals, all packaged in a miniature biocompatible interconnect cable. ...of the interconnect device demonstrates the realization of biocompatible connectors with high-density ultra -fine pitch electrical... Four iridium recording sites can be seen at the tips of each of the four shanks. ...connection to the cable can be accomplished by several methods, including gold wirebonding, conductive adhesive and soldering .