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Parts by Number for Ultracapacitor Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CDLC351E2R7T11 Newark / element14 CORNELL DUBILIER Not Provided CORNELL DUBILIER - CDLC351E2R7T11 - ULTRACAPACITOR; 350F; 2.7V; 0.0032 OHM+20% -0%
CDHC301K2R3SR Newark / element14 CORNELL DUBILIER Not Provided CORNELL DUBILIER - CDHC301K2R3SR - ULTRACAPACITOR; 300F; 2.3V; 0.025 OHM+10% -5%
CDHC221K2R3SR Newark / element14 CORNELL DUBILIER Not Provided CORNELL DUBILIER - CDHC221K2R3SR - ULTRACAPACITOR; 220F; 2.3V; 0.04 OHM+10% -5%

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