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    Microtomes are machines that cut extremely thin sections from a sample for transmitted electron (TEM) or light microscopy applications. Learn More

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Resources - CORE Biology Module
Home > Resources > Ultramicrotome Ultramicrotome Location: Room 692 Minor Hall A Leica Ultracut ultramicrotome supports histology work.

What Is an Ultramicrotome?
What Is an Ultramicrotome? On This Page

CCMR - Shared Experimental Facilities
Leica Ultracut UCT Ultramicrotome Location: Bard Hall 356 Leica Ultracut UCT Ultramicrotome Spectroscopy and Electronic Measurements

Electron Microscopy and Histology Core Facility
There is a second ultramicrotome available for those already versed in ultramicrotomy.

Materials Science Center (MSC), UW-Madison Engineering

CNS Facilities - Center for Nanoscale Systems - Harvard...
Ultramicrotome CNS ID: HAR-017 Make: Leica Name: Ultramicrotome Location: LISE - B15D

PT-PC PowerTome Ultramicrotome | Materials | Products by...
PT-PC PowerTome Ultramicrotome The Computer Controlled Ultramicrotome Home > Products by Category > Materials > PT-PC PowerTome Ultramicrotome

3-D tomography by automated in situ block face ultramicrotome...
3-D tomography by automated in situ block face ultramicrotome imaging using an FEG-SEM to study complex corrosion protective paint coatings

Design and potential of instrumented ultramicrotomy
Recently it has been shown that when the sample holder of the ultramicrotome is instrumented with a force transducer, it is possible to measure the

NanoTech User Facility at the UW :: User Facility :: Research...

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