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  • Ultrasonic Detection of Surface Flaws in Sintered Alpha Silicon Carbide (.pdf)
    It is well recognized that surface and near-surface flaws control the strength of the majority of specimens from a population of sintered alpha-carbide test bars. An investigation was carried out to examine the applicability of surface acoustic wave techniques (SAW) to detect two-dimensional
  • Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detection - What is it and How Does it Work?
    Ultrasonic gas leak detection (UGLD) is a comparatively recent detection technique and has emerged as an effective means of establishing. the presence of gas leaks. It works especially well in open, ventilated areas where other methods of gas detection may not be independent. of ventilation
  • Implementing Ultrasonic Ranging
    Object ranging is essential in many types of systems. One of the most popular ranging techniques is ultrasonic ranging. Ultrasonic ranging is used in a wide variety of applications including: ? Autofocus cameras ? Motion detection ? Robotics guidance ? Proximity sensing ? Object ranging
  • Notes for Ultrasonic Sensor Applications
    The key to ultrasonic liquid detection is to keep the beam perpendicular to the liquid level and away from structures like tank walls, internal ladders, and impellers. If ordering a USR Series model with a tri clamp, remember that a ferrule has to be welded to the vessel's top in. Madison : Tech
  • Ultrasonic Sensors, The Silent Laborers
    away, outside the set detection range; in this particular instance the delay time "sensor - object - sensor" was too long. As a result ultrasonic sensors are also excellent background fade-out units; in addition - if compared to other optical units with comparable characteristics
  • Delay Time Measurement with Ultrasonic Sensors
    . In this application ultrasonic sensors were used for. the following reasons: the color- and surface neutral detection performance of the. sensors, the tolerance toward dust and other contamination, the availability of a multiplex. version, as well as their simple installation and start-up. (Due
  • Acoustic / Ultrasonic Transducers
    Ultrasonic transducers send and receive waves for many types of sensing. Distance, proximity, level, nondestructive evaluation, web break detection, counting, and security applications are some examples. Ultrasonic transducers typically operate at their resonant frequency with various construction
  • Ultrasonic Air Temperature Sensing for Automatic Climate Control - Vehicle Test (.pdf)
    in the waveform. The logic level output of. can be expressed in terms of other known quantities [5-. the trigger circuit stops the electrical timer. If the signal. 7] as. processing delays are neglected, the time delay, ∆t,. between the creation and detection of the ultrasonic. c = γ R T µ . (1

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